He’s been featured on CNN, various branches of the USA Today network, Memphis the City Magazine, ABC, Fox News Digital and more. We are honored to welcome him as our guest on TCB Radio Network. He was Friend to Elvis Presley, a Legendary Shelby County Sheriff, Mayor, political figure, humanitarian and now he’s an author too.

In this interview, you will hear more about:

Why and how Bill became a close friend and companion of Elvis Presley

The night Elvis gifted Bill with a Mercedes 280 SEL

When he was sheriff and he deputized Elvis and members of his “Memphis Mafia” in 1965

And more great stories!

“Elvis was youthful and playful. We would shoot roman candles at each other and use garbage can lids to defend ourselves. He loved to go to the Fairgrounds and the Malco Theater. When he made his first money he gave $50,000 to the city to distribute to charity. He wrote checks to St. Jude early on and lots of them. I asked that the trauma center at The Med be named in his honor, because I thought it reflected another side of Elvis beyond his talents as a performer.” ~ Bill Morris

His autobiography, “Bill Morris: A Legendary Life.” is now available for purchase on his website.


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