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Celebrating the life and memory of Elvis Presley ~ with a mission to share his legacy with the world. (Unofficial: Fan Publication)

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TCB Radio Network: Celebrating the Life and Memory of Elvis Presley, with a Mission to Share His Legacy with the World! We are an UNOFFICIAL Fan Site – not affiliated with Elvis Presley Enterprises.

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Hi everyone! My name is Krista Joy, and I am incredibly delighted to reach out to you to share this groundbreaking information. If you love Elvis like I do, this is going to get you excited! My dream is to bring you fantastic Elvis content on a regular basis – valuable content that not only celebrates the memory of Elvis, but also his lasting legacy, carrying on to this day. From this dream, TCB Radio Network, was born. Not endorsed, supported, or affiliated in any way with Elvis Presley Enterprises, every piece of Elvis information that you get from TCB Radio Network will be by brought to you BY fans and FOR fans. And I think you’re gonna love this…maybe as much as Elvis loved Cadillacs!

Because nothing great is ever accomplished alone (hey even Elvis knew this secret and brought on the Memphis Mafia!!), I have hand selected an incredible co-host to bring this dream to reality, Peter Alden. A fantastic star in his own right. I am humbled and honored to have him on board at TCB Radio Network. United in our love of Elvis and our mission to celebrate his legacy, Peter and I are beyond excited to share this TCB Radio Network journey with you. We are literally a network!! A network of friends, Elvis fans, businesses, and more… in addition to being a multimedia platform.

So what is it that you can expect from TCB Radio Network? Our mission includes providing you with Elvis related content that’s exciting and fresh for today. Elvis news you can use – drawn from weekly announcements from Memphis and Graceland among lots of other (sometimes insider!) sources. Examples include the latest package deal on hotel stays at the Guest House at Graceland, or activities you can expect for Elvis Week (official and otherwise!) so you can make arrangements and plans for your visit. Over on the west coast of the USA, we have an incredible friendship and connection with the Elvis Honeymoon House in Palm Springs California, as well as some other Elvis related venues, and we will be bringing you updates from all of those. We are working hard to establish relationships with Elvis related festivals, businesses, Fan Clubs and venues all over the world. Our audience is tuning in from not only the US, but places like Scotland, Brazil, New Zealand and even Australia, just to name a few. We want to bring Elvis to you, wherever you are.

You’ll also get the latest on any brand new shows on TV or movies that are coming out, but only the ones that we hope will feature Elvis or characters from that era in a positive way. Recently we did a giveaway of an autographed photo of Billy Gardell to celebrate the launch of a mini-series on CMT called “Sun Records.” You will also find us introducing you to products and businesses that have found creative ways to enhance your Elvis experience in today’s world. 

Of course you can’t celebrate Elvis today without remembering the times of yesterday. This is why we want to also focus on additional content that will educate us and bring us back to the historical days when Elvis was not just in our hearts, but also alive and well here on earth. We will bring you the stories of people that knew him, such as his close friend and spiritual mentor Larry Geller, his first National Fan Club President Kay Wheeler and MORE.

Soon we will feature fellow fans that have done extensive research on his life and career, and we will highlight others who are also publishing new content about him. Authors, artists, musicians, and more. And YES, on occasion, we will bring you stories and news from some of the very best Elvis Tribute Artists. There is already a couple of wonderful resources that focus solely on ETA’s. Our main focus at TCB Radio will always be Elvis; however, we recognize the importance and the tremendous dedication of ETA’s and their part in carrying on Elvis in today’s world. Especially because co-host Peter Alden is a Tribute Artist himself, we know the hearts of ETA’s and feel a kinship with them in our mutual love of Elvis! We think you are going to feel the love too!

Next let’s talk about HOW you can get your Elvis fix with the help of TCB Radio Network. Our ultimate goal is to bring you all this awesome Elvis content in several ways – so that you can choose your favorite – and we can meet you wherever you are. TCB Radio Network is becoming a multimedia platform including a blog, social media, podcast, videos, printed works, regular live broadcasts. Making our content available in cd form (and even via ebooks!) is being discussed. We have also incorporated in-person meetups because it’s important to us to get to know you offline as well!

Remember we are still very early in the process. We are dreaming big, but we are limited by only 24 hours in each day. Our budget will continue to be very tight until we can get more sponsorships in place. But here’s what we have materialized for you so far …

First there’s the website and blog found at  This all began with a couple of original articles posted for you written by ETA, Matthew Sharp and continues today with our team of authors Deena Dietrich and Janet Bostic. You will also find videos of our facebook live broadcasts, show notes with helpful links attached, and some Elvis related news articles. Our future plans making the site more robust and beautiful overall. Look to the right column and you will see we have added a feature where you can sign up for updates in your email inbox, so you’ll be the first to know when there’s a new blog post or any other important updates!

Special features are spotlighted on the site – check out the ones below!

Next, we are working hard to get the word out about Elvis and TCB Radio Network via our social media channels.  Look for us on Twitter at to find info we don’t always post on Facebook. Catch us on Instagram at

We want you to get it all! We are honored and proud to have already been followed on Twitter by Graceland Official. Our most active and (quickly growing!) outlet is Facebook. If you haven’t already, please check us out at We are frequently posting Elvis news, photos, reminders about our weekly facebook live broadcasts, and so much more.

Speaking of facebook live, this is an exciting facet of how we have incorporated video into TCB Radio for you! Each week, on Tuesdays at 6:30pm Central Time, head over to our Facebook page at There you will find Peter and I broadcasting your Elvis related news live from Orlando, Florida. It is always an informative, fun time. What’s extra awesome about tuning in live is that you can type in comments, questions, or anything else you’d like, and it gives us a chance to directly interact with YOU in real time. It is so much fun to share Elvis together in this way. But if you miss us live, you can always catch the videos on replay via Facebook, YouTube, or the blog.

Video is an exciting medium and we have heard that YouTube is one of the most popular search engines in the world, second only to Google. We  have TWO channels on Youtube!

One channel has only our polished interview episodes. The same ones you can find in podcast form. 

TCB Radio Network Podcast Episodes on YouTube can be found HERE. 

Once we have 100 subscribers, YouTube will allow us to set up a URL that is easier to find and remember. You can also just go to YouTube and type in TCB Radio Network Podcast Episodes. Look for the channel that has a feature picture of our logo.

Our second channel on YouTube, has archives of our Facebook Live videos from various Tuesday nights, Graceland lit up for Christmas 2016, a couple of Elvis’s former homes, and more!  . Click HERE to go to our TCB Radio Network Youtube Channel! We have SO much planned for you in the video realm. These are exciting times to love Elvis! Be sure to subscribe to both of our channels so you don’t miss a beat and you get all the latest.

Pete and myself are enjoying getting to know you all online but, hey, nothing beats a real-life handshake and hug. We held some of our first TCB Radio Network meetups during Elvis Week 2017, including attending a beautiful event during Elvis week, put on by none other than the personal nurse of Elvis, Marian Cocke. 2018 brought us a gathering of friends and fans to see The ’68 Comeback

Peter Alden and I would be pleased to meet you at one of his upcoming performances. You can always check HERE to see if we will be in a town near you! We also hope to have more and more TCB Radio Network Meetups that you will see posted HERE. 

In this article it was my hope to share with you not only the mission, heart, and purpose of TCB Radio Network, but also some of the ways you can join in on the fun! If you haven’t already, we hope you will come along for the ride as we celebrate the memory, life, and legacy of the one and only Elvis Presley. Everything is more fun when shared with friends, and it’s just not the same without YOU.

Speaking of friends – we would be remiss if we did not thank some special people who have been with us from day one. Incredible folks like Jim and Jeanne Kendall of and the Pompadour: A Tribute to Tribute Artists Facebook fan page, Larry Larcombe of, Lee Douglas of and Cissie Lowe Young who admins the Elvis, Find Out What’s Happening Then and Now Facebook Group. Jerry Cornell of was the one who pushed me to believe that maybe I could cross over from the world of Disney and make this dream of TCB Radio Network a reality – too!

Thanks to all the newer friends for your support: my team of writers Deena and Janet – and Janet’s facebook group – Elvis: A Celebration of the Man and His Music! Thank you all for the cross promotion, believing in us, and cheering us on as we embark on this journey. My website NINJA and helper in SO many projects, the sensational Scott Hynes of Jeffrey S. Hynes Realtor 

Scott you give and give of your time and yourself without ever expecting anything in return. You are an amazing, loyal, devoted friend and I treasure you and Stephanie so very much!!

Everyone please visit their websites, and social media. Tell them Krista from TCB Radio Network sent ya!

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