Let’s pretend, shall we .… 

There you are taking a lovely and relaxing evening stroll down a dimly lit sidewalk, near a calm and nearly deserted beach. A light balmy breeze caresses your senses as the waves are gently kissing the neck of the shore. The full moon shines bright on the serene horizon. 

You may or may not be holding the hand of the one you love (that option is entirely up to you). 

Off in the distance near the waterline, there is a tiny glint of light next to a darkened rock pool. You walk closer to the shadows to investigate.

Lucky you. You have discovered an antique lamp wedged in between the rocks. It’s old and tarnished and dented. Most would discard it as trash but you retrieve it anyway and innocently wipe away some of the dirt with your sleeve. You know in your heart something beautiful can sometimes come from something that’s been beat up and broken. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

As you are cleaning away the years of the muck and the caked mud, out pops a magic genie, just like in the movies. After you have recovered from the shock, you discover he is indeed granting you a special wish.

What is your wish? I know mine.

This beautiful Elvis song about a wish, from 1957, has sweet and simple heartfelt lyrics. Mr. Hunter penned them and you have to wonder what could have inspired him to write such soul searching words. Was he pining for a special wish? The emotive feels shine through, just like that glowing lamp by the sea that was gleaming by the light of the moon. Notice all the different parts that have to come together perfectly to set the ideal scene.

It speaks of a surprise love which becomes a precious gift. The last line ends with “I found true love at last.” It’s hard to imagine anything more meaningful. 

In all fairness, the actual lyrics greatly overtake the slow tune and the too many high “oohs” in my opinion. The sentiments of the song is what speaks volumes but it cannot be discounted due to my personal thoughts.




(Words and music by Ivory Joe Hunter)

My wish came true
When I met you
I’ve searched and searched
My whole life through

There’s just one thing
Dear before we start
Don’t say you care
Then break my heart

When you speak of love
Please be sincere
For if you play with love
It can bring tears my dear

My wish came true
To my surprise
When you stood there before my eyes

And when my heart
Started beating fast
T’was then I knew
I found true love at last

Recorded: 09/06/1957, first released on single

September 6, 1957 Radio Recorders – Hollywood, California