You may be the master of all you survey.

You may enjoy the very best of everything.

You may have success untold on the outside but how about within?

You may even be the King of Rock and Roll.

The riches seen are worthless compared to the influence you may not see.

Even Elvis Presley had doubts to his own worth at times.

Elvis did then and still to this day, make a difference in the lives of many worldwide. He rescued and saved those feeling lost, comforted the broken, accompanied the lonely who connected with his humanity and provided both enjoyment and joy with his warmth and personal caring for others. It mattered not whether you were the President of the United States or a young girl sitting on the first row of a concert, hoping to get his attention. You mattered to him.

  • Below is the link to an e-book, a very short, easy read story written four years ago. I published it then but never felt confident enough to let anyone know about it. A few found it on their own and have encouraged me to put out some publicity on it so others can read it.
  • It is a fun, fan-based fantasy that emphasizes how we all influence others even if there are times we feel we don’t make a difference. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Currently I am in the midst of a full-time book project that should be completed and ready to publish in 2023. Please stay tuned.for more information on that. I’m truly enjoying writing it.

Link is above

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