My children, one son in particular, were known for asking the most outlandish questions. There was a period of constant barrage of “would you rather” queries.

Mom, would you rather have a vacation or a new car?

Mom, would you rather visit Mexico or Canada?

Mom, would you rather be eaten by a bear or a snake?

Mom, which of us would you save if we all were drowning?

It got far worse but I’ll spare you lest you discover the true depths of my family’s disfunction. But one theme in particular was the question of losing one of the five senses. Many would say sight is the most valuable, right along with sound.

Although not in the pentathlon of human senses, losing one’s memory seems especially cruel and tragic to me.

The older I get, the more I treasure the gift of remembering. My children are grown but not flown, and I love to smile and recall those now precious first harried months when survival mode with triplets was the order of the day. It takes the removal from the present as it morphs into the past that increases the treasure exponentially. For the most part, I have wonderful memories of my own childhood. The darker parts seems to become pushed down and faded as the weight of the better years pile up top. I hope it will be the same for them.

Days and sweet events bring a song to my heart. Recalling exceptional and special offerings, conversations, and occurrences are smile worthy possessions. A simple carriage ride or a romantic trip warms the heart. A visit to the unknown full of surprise and chance meetings bring extraordinary to the otherwise ordinary, transforming them. Witnessing Elvis Presley in person and having a brief encounter is definitely one of my top all time memories – these are all things I never want to lose.

Often loss precipitates memories, bittersweet. We had a loss this past weekend of a beloved pet, a family member for 12 years. It’s difficult, but the memories she gave us are priceless.

I believe Elvis understood the value of remembrance. His voice wrapped so completely around the concept in Mac Davis’ iconic song “Memories” performed for the ’68 Special. He sang this stunning tune “I’ll Remember You” in the 1973 Aloha special. Not only is the song beautiful, the visualization of his rendition is a masterpiece. The look, nod and smile of the 1:35-1:40 mark melts me every. single. time. You know the one I’m certain.

One of the purposes of our fine group is the respectful sharing of Elvis memories. Many may have arrived at the same destination, but the paths we took to get here are so varied. Elvis Presley and his influence and that wonderful connection is both universal and personal, same as our memories. They are ours, but sharing them gives a piece to the recipient.

Yes, we will remember you darling Elvis, just as you always remembered us, your fans. Amazingly 43 plus years later, those memories are indeed sweetened sweetened through the ages just like wine.

We promise to always remember too.


I’ll Remember You

(Words & Music by Kuiokalaani Lee)
I’ll remember you

Long after this endless summer has gone

I’ll be lonely oh so lonely

Living only to remember you

I’ll remember too

Your voice as soft as the warm summer breeze

Your sweet laughter, mornings after

Ever after, I’ll remember you

To your arms someday

I’ll return to stay

Till then I will remember too

Every bright start we made wishes upon

Love me always, promise always

Oooh, you’ll remember too

I’ll remember you

Recorded: 1966/06/10, Studio B Nashville TN

first released on Spinout (bonus track)