I do some of my best thinking late at night, especially when I should be asleep. My body can be bone weary by the end of these long days but my mind gets a second wind when my head hits the pillow and I find myself wide awake.

My thoughts turn to Elvis related topics, the people I’ve been fortunate to meet along the way, things I can discuss or ideas I can write about or song lyrics and conversations. I swear to myself I don’t need to write my brilliant thoughts down at that moment because surely I won’t forget. 

I often forget.

I was thinking of this particular song and going over the lyrics in my head and musing on a lot of whys that seem so very prevalent lately. Why, what now, what next, where to? 

Elvis Presley was a man of many why’s. I don’t believe the origin arrived with his fame but rather was a constant thought process throughout his life. He was far deeper than many gave him credit for. Formal education and intelligence are not always synonymous. Depth is from an internal source. Being alone tends to make many questions arise, and why is often one of them. I understand that one.

Analyzing and reasoning can bring either comfort and closure or open pandora’s mystery box. Sometimes it’s perspective and sometimes it’s the presented new information. In this case, Tell Me Why is a pretty and soulful albeit short love song of the lost questioning the reasons.

Listen closely for the longing in his darling soulful voice pleading for closure. At least that’s my take on it.

Enjoy these 2 minutes and 22 seconds. It never disappoints.



(Words and music by Titus Turner)

Every time I look at someone new

Tell me why I think of you

Then you sometimes pass me by

You’re playing with love

Darling tell me why

You left me all alone

To cry over you

My heart is torn and broken

There’s nothing left to do

In my prayers, I’ll mention you

When you’re gone I feel so blue

Why can’t I have all of you

Oh, somebody, please tell me why

Recorded 1/12/57 Radio Recorders – Hollywood CA