When delving into the history of the King of Rock and Roll there is always something for everyone. You have the ultimate rags to riches story… and the ultimate early tragic demise. The “Perfect Storm” if you will. 

There are the fantastic stories of car fires and running out of gas on the long lonely highways. There are the women and the wild days. There are the physical transformations in body and voice from era to era that are so clear to the eyes and ears you can delineate between them with a fine point pen. 

We are granted an audience in his recording studios with the discovery and deliverance of the outstanding outtakes from the vault.  We can relive the concert days… sinking ourselves into the footage of a time when he was happy just doing what he did best… making us happy. There are volumes written about his physical health as well as his psychological obstacles and hurdles he needed so desperately to overcome.

What we cannot do… is isolate any given facet of this man’s life and believe that we get a complete picture of the man that is behind the image. Whether it be his life events, his illnesses or his fragile psyche… any without the other leaves holes so cavernous that it is pointless to even attempt to hang his picture in our minds. 

Just as we cannot discount his countless achievements, accolades and successes…. neither can we discount or dismiss his struggles. We love him regardless and as we learn more about him, more often than not we find ourselves on the sidelines as his own personal cheerleading section… rooting him on and trying to empower him with our love and encouragement.

Cheer away sweet fans… his life’s legacy depends on it!