Playful warm puppies in the green grass, fresh bread baking, mystical frolicking unicorns, fluttering butterflies, fragrant fields of your most favorite flowers, colorful rainbow clouds and a balmy light ocean breeze, the sound of the gentle waves rhythmically kissing the gleaming white sandy shore … any and all to delight your senses.

Is love feeling a feeling you feel when you feel a feeling you’ve never felt before?

Love, in the instance of Elvis Presley and his most ardent fans, is a high speed track that runs both ways. The gentle and assured shared passion brings such delightful feels to the senses, a most pleasant and definite by product. I could ask a hundred, nay, a thousand different fans and they would each have a slight variation on a shared common theme – why do you love Elvis – and each response would be 100% correct in their own reasoning. One word can equal a myriad of thoughts and beliefs.

Remember when you first fell in love? The sun shone a little brighter, neighbors were a little more thoughtful, the world was a kinder place. It’s truly something grand and magical, ahem, especially when it is reciprocal.

As time marched along, love may have adjusted it’s step and pace as it gets tangled in life’s journey, but it’s company remained. Different possibly in form but static in nature, there are times it waxes and wanes, but it’s there.
Sometimes though, something perfectly miraculous occurs – falling in love – AGAIN.

An AGAIN love is an exceptionally special love. It’s one that awakens an almost forgotten feeling, one slightly buried under the surface, one you might have thought hidden and tucked away as a sweet memory of the past.
You may wonder where this is leading. It’s simple. The Presley love between man to fan and fan to man is precious, pure and sure. It’s real. It’s an absolute unexplainable, lifelong connection. It’s a deep feeling within, one that brings those butterflies fluttering when that unmistakeable familiar voice echoes gently in your ears.

Out of the blue, the AGAIN love hits like an unexpected ocean wave bowling you over, knocking the wind out of you in the most exhilarating manner and wonderful way imaginable.

1:40 of Aloha’s “I’ll Remember You” is one such wildly vivid AGAIN moment for me. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve viewed and heard it and have even now come to expect it, it hits my soul beautifully hard. It elicits an automatic broad smile and a warm falling in love moment.

Every. Single. Time.

It’s the look between the lines, the look where he knows without a doubt he’s delivered, the look that shouts from the rooftops, the look that makes me fall in love AGAIN.

Enjoy this one on me. It may be my AGAIN moment, one of many, but it’s quintessential bare Elvis, someone never to be equaled – and someone worth falling in love with again and again.

Moment 1:40 – I have it forever memorized.