Sometimes I arrive late to the party. I didn’t love Elvis until 1965. To be fair, I wasn’t yet born until his career was in full swing post Army days. As of late, podcasts have become my jam. They fuel my need to multitask. I’m glad I didn’t miss that train altogether.

Podcasts bring entertainment, enjoyment and enlightenment, as well as education. I love learning, love history, love writing, love my family and love Elvis – in no particular order after my family heads the list. A podcast is reminiscent of radio programs and audio life before the visual arts covered the globe. They allow imagination to take full bloom, nourishing at the roots while the brain fruit ripens. In short, you have to think a little bit and concentrate to get the full worthwhile bounty of abundance.

I started with history podcasts, nerd that I am, and while I’ve learned about WWI tear gas, the history of the Home Economics Bureau, the sinking of the H.L. Hunley, and the details of the Scopes Trial, I doubt that niche satisfies everyone. But even more alluring, I soon discovered Elvis Presley themed podcasts! Can life get any better than that? 

There are several Presley based programs with informative guests, interesting content and just plain Elvis goodness to wash over your senses. Let me tell you about this particular one – Life Lessons from Elvis Presley.

Two very familiar voices open the compact 31 minute feast of goodness with a couple of new voices chiming in with even more great content. I don’t care who you are or what you know or what you’ve done or where you’ve been, there’s always more to learn about Elvis Aaron Presley.

In a nutshell, the hosts give FIVE insightful keys to living YOUR dream in relation to life lessons we could all take away from the King of Rock and Roll. 

  1. Dreams stand on the other side of your fears. Elvis veered outside of his comfort zone and encountered his fears and insecurities. He worked to become polished and to overcome his shyness, never forgetting it.
  2. Keep moving forward. Elvis encountered adversity and hardship, incredibly poor but made a powerful commitment to improve his life situation. He strived to be a provider with his passion.
  3. Always be yourself. Elvis was never afraid to be Elvis, in his look, his dress, his sound, his voice, his mannerisms – to be the best version of himself. A genuineness carried him far. He knew the distinction between the man and the image.
  4. Elvis inspires us to let our obstacles become stepping stones. They didn’t hold him back. He overcame his hardships to achieve his dreams and worked hard to follow his life goals. 
  5. Have big dreams, but remain humble and kind. Elvis never lost sight of who he was. His core didn’t change because of his fame, he always stayed respectful and polite. 

In his 1971 Jaycees speech, he was nervous, as public speaking was not a natural thing. He gave a humble and eloquent speech, mentioning he was dreamer as a child, reading comics, watching movies, emulating the heroes …  “without a song the day would never end, without a song a man ain’t got a friend, without a song the road would never bend, without a song … so I keep singing a song.”

He knew what humility was and he kept true to the five core lessons outlined. There are a multitude of others that could encompass volumes but these basic tenets will easily connect them all together. He remained true to “singing a song,” his unique song and no one else’s.

Check out this podcast – you won’t be sorry. And you might get hooked on them like me. They’re great for exercising your brain while you drive, cook, work, work out, or whatever keeps your hands and eyes busy but your ears and mind free.