How Elvis Rose to the Challenge ~ Written by Guest Author Dave Rogers

Elvis in Concert on November 14, 1972 at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California.

This is the show that Aloha from Hawaii producer Marty Pasetta attended along with his wife. When he met with Elvis in Las Vegas a few days later to discuss the satellite show, Pasetta didn’t hold back, but instead told him that he thought his singing was wonderful, but his stage presence was boring and that he needed to lose weight.
As you can imagine, Elvis was not used to anyone talking to him so directly, prompting him to jump out of his chair, go over to Marty, hug him and tell him that he was the first person who had been honest with him a long while.
Of course we now know that Elvis accepted the challenge given to him as he showed up state in Honolulu in January of 1973 looking spectacular and singing with a level focus, professionalism and conviction not seen since the ’68 TV Special.