Hi everyone! What a way to kick off season 3 of TCB Radio Network! It is an absolute thrill and honor to bring you this interview with the amazing Julie Lansky! The Lansky family name is part of the culture and history of Memphis culture!  Julie Lansky, is in the third generation of the Lansky Brothers retail business. Julie’s grandfather Bernard J. Lansky was a co-founder of Lansky’s, and he is remembered as clothier to musical royalty such as B.B. King, Johnny Cash and OF COURSE – THE KING… our Elvis Presley! Today, Julie Lansky keeps the tradition of Lansky’s going as buyer and marketing manager for all six Lansky Bros. shops, which are housed in the historic lobby at The Peabody hotel, on Beale Street and the online store. During this challenging time in our history, Lansky Brothers is still the business with the HEART. Not much has changed in that respect, and the tradition of caring continues. It reminds of the beautiful story from way back in the 1950’s when Julie’s Grandfather extended credit to a (then unknown) Elvis Presley. Find out how you can participate in Lansky Brothers efforts as they are raising money for the Elvis Presley Trauma Center AND helping musicians in Memphis and beyond.

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Lansky Brothers will be celebrating 75 years in business in 2021. Julie shares how celebration plans are already in the works. Julie has helped develop the clothing label, Lansky Bros. Clothier to the King, featuring a whole fashion line in Lansky at The Peabody, which includes sport shirts, sport coats, sweaters, shoes, belts, socks, T-shirts and hats. In her “spare time,” she is on the board of the downtown Memphis commission.

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