In the great big wonderful world of Elvis Presley, many sincere loving fans are virtually walking Elvis encyclopedias. Far and wide, around the globe, in every language, jumpsuits, set lists, film details, song lyrics, concert venues, tour dates, record debuts, chartings, daily comings and goings, cars, vacations, love affairs, business deals … no Presley stone is left unturned.

It can be impressive.

It can also be intimidating if you allow it to be.

In the old west, it didn’t matter who you were, there was always a faster gunslinger. Relaxing was likely tough. You never knew what that stranger in town was really about. You learned quickly to mind your own business and not mouth off. Bragging invited trouble.

In all things Elvis, I don’t care who you are, there is more to learn. There is only a beginning, no end. No one has it all, owns it all or knows it all. No one.

This fact alone is only a portion of the beauty of Presley.

Some want to make it into a competition. Some want to show off. Some see their personal value in that ownership value, be it items or knowledge or experiences. It honestly bothered me for the longest time. It intimidated me and intense feelings of both possessiveness and jealousy would rise to the surface.

That’s no way to celebrate our Elvis. And it certainly is far from the example he set. Those with that mindset tend to make it about themselves with a loud look at me mentality.

I finally reached the conclusion mine is mine, yours is yours, and theirs is theirs. Once I realized and accepted it, a weight was lifted. The pressure was off. The things I might collect or have, either facts, experiences or tangibles, have no bearing on anyone else, nor does theirs affect me. We’re here both individually and collectively for the love of Elvis. Period. No other agenda. None.

Every single day, I learn something new about this man. Volumes could be written on what I don’t know. I love it. I never want to know it all and at the same time, I want to know everything.

As fans, we have a responsibility to do what’s right. That means Elvis education, Elvis entertainment and Elvis enlightenment.

That’s why we as posters, commenters and writers carry on as we do. Are we a little crazy? Probably. But if you have your ticket for the crazy train too, you understand every single word I’m saying. You get it.

All I’ve said about purpose and responsibility, leads to this particular photo. It was posted on another site a few weeks ago. I truly don’t recall which one. It doesn’t matter anyway. There was comment after comment about it, it’s beauty, it’s delicate detail, how loved it was, how many had seen it, oohing and ahhing over it. That in itself wasn’t the big issue, although it was an issue.

The site owners seemed to feel zero responsibility to set the record straight, even when the truth was pointed out. This bothered me. I don’t blame casual fans.

We all have much to learn. I make my own share of mistakes and misidentifications. I can 100% own up to it. I don’t make many of those mistakes twice though.

You might have lived next door to Elvis and been his BFF. You might have sang with him in the church choir. You might have been on the movie sets with him or hung out at the Circle G riding horses. You might have read every biography written or you might own every copy from every country of Love Me Tender, after you watched it in the theater 50 times.

You can still be taught as you teach others. Be kind and respectful to those who are on the path of learning. Kindness costs nothing and reaps everything.

Be like Elvis and you won’t go wrong, I promise.

(Anyone care to discuss the issue with this bright sparkly displayed jumpsuit above?)