Elvis is spoken here … and here and here … actually everywhere. I doubt there is a country on this planet where the name of Elvis Presley is not known and loved.

Elvis, the U.S. Male has always had my heart, but in recent years I’ve discovered the Elvis beyond our sea to shining sea borders. It’s different, fascinating and in my eyes, a very beautiful sight. There’s a great big world to see. From the Heart of Rome to the Blue Spanish Eyes, others veered off the One Track Heart Mystery Train and hopped aboard the Frankfurt Special to a World of their Own. Other countries showed a far more descriptive love in many ways because they employed very imaginative art departments in their promotions. Perhaps it was their way to illustrate their love and respect since he was their adopted heart throb and not the homegrown hero as he is to us.

Aside from the detailed and varied international record covers, the movie posters have also caught my eye. How one thing can be expressed so many ways is a thing of beauty. Variations and slight nuances make the familiar pop and stand out, giving new life to the standard fare. So many stories, so little time.

Among the hundreds and thousands of International rarities, highlighting a specific one is difficult, but I decided I’d celebrate Lucky and Rusty and their one off relationship, thus illustrating you can love someone and not be right for one another, sad as it may be, if that is indeed the case of these two as reported. 

Viva Las Vegas is well known, as were Elvis and Ann in 1963-64. The movie, though predictable and with no U.S. soundtrack, was well publicized, well received and is well remembered. You would “Almost” think these two weren’t acting. They seemed well suited for Today, Tomorrow and Forever, yet their real life love just wasn’t meant to be. 

The movie posters for this film tell the story well with only a title and a look, and in many ways speaks for them. The language may be indiscernible but the glances and interpretation are universally transcribed by a true romantic’s heart. 

France, Belgium, Japan, U.K., Germany, Argentina, Yugoslavia, Italy all illustrate just a small sampling. There’s more there than you can imagine. There’s a Wonderful World to see. I discover something new all the time and to me that’s a thrill that truly makes this Girl Happy.

More to come, of This Thing Called Love, Elvis style.