Home Sweet Home, There’s No Place Like Home, Green, Green Grass of Home, Goin’ Home ….. whether real or imagined, home is a comfy wool throw fresh out of the dryer on a blustery cold day. 

It’s not a concrete dwelling but a place where the heart takes up residence and safety and security are soundly placed to gird the beams, keeping the roof intact and the outside storms at bay. It’s why Graceland was Elvis’ refuge and it’s inner workings are why we as honest fans feel the presence in much the same manner.

Home can be a mansion on the hill or a trailer on a lot. It can be a third story condo, an efficiency apartment, a noisy brick and mortar house or a quiet rented room. It’s immaterial whether concrete surrounds you or the vastness of the open ocean is the principal view. 

Life is a struggle at present for many worldwide. We have to consciously remember we are not stuck at home but rather we are safe at home. One word can change your entire perspective.

Home keeps you grounded. It’s a place to return to from grand adventures or serious heartache. The feeling of your head sinking into your pillow after a time away is one of life’s seldom celebrated yet great moments, as sweet as a warm embrace from a missed friend. 

Elvis gave voice to “Home is Where the Heart Is” as a sweet gentle ballad in Kid Galahad. His sound so tender and sincere, there was no doubt he had firsthand knowledge of the comfort of home. I wonder, poor as he was, if his mind traveled back to the nurturing home Gladys provided. With bleak circumstances in every nook and corner, a mother’s unconditional unwavering love made a pauper’s homestead into a palatial lodging.

After the loss of Gladys, I can only imagine the torn difficulty stepping over Graceland’s threshold for the first time. Like Gladys having to rejoice and grieve simultaneously over the birth of her sons, homecoming was likely bittersweet. Still Graceland provided solace.

I recall walking into my father’s home after his death, everything familiar but nothing comforting. It was an odd feeling of knowing nothing would ever again be the way it was. It was a true loss as I stood in what was now his house.

When this global crisis is all over, we might have the same feelings for awhile. A new normal will have to settle in while we become accustomed to the changes. Home and security might very well be more than wood and brick and stucco as we understand firsthand home is where the heart is. 

Life is on hold and the future is uncertain. One month, two, six? We just do not know. I have two trips planned: domestic travel this summer and a long International journey a few months after. Schedules set, itineraries made, accommodations fixed – all are dispensable depending on a mix of factors. 

“Home is where the heart is, and my heart is anywhere you are, anywhere you are is home, home home.”

Whether I get to leave for a time and then return to the preciousness of home, or whether the plans are scrapped and I stay put, the feeling of home itself will not abandon me for long. My heart, those I love, provide the basis of home no matter where my body might travel. My heart stays put.

I believe our guy knew this, felt this and understood it. Graceland was definitely his earthly home, but those he loved made safe and decorated the home within his heart.

Stay safe.