Song after song after song, often with no theme or genre but only sheer enjoyment, the voice washes over me soothing my spirit and cleansing my soul. Itโ€™s as natural as breathing. It sustains me. His voice sustains me. I canโ€™t imagine life without.

As I go about my day with nondescript life tasks that must be done, some small thing will grab me without warning and make an abrupt detour from background listening to hearing. Sometimes itโ€™s a voice inflection or a word or a note or even a breath sound. It hits me inside. I canโ€™t fully explain it. I relish those serendipity moments. It reminds me of sweet dreams of those I love and miss. Itโ€™s cherished.

In the past few days this song did just that, out of the blue. I have intently listened to this stunning song no less than 50 times in the last couple of days, hearing deep beyond the words and the melody. THIS is Elvis. This is his ethos, his character, his anthem. 

The words expresses the thoughts. The thoughts express the wonder. The wonder caresses our amazement. The amazement is a portion of the joy and the gift to us. 

Itโ€™s effortlessly delivered wrapped in a mesmerizing voice, tied with a bow of irresistible handsomeness, signed with a note of charm and splendor of a possessed connection to the person of Elvis Presley.

Where did he come from, this gift from the universe? Not meant in a spiritual or supernatural mode, but those tendencies can often apply. 

What is transferred with certain songs and words and intonations gives us a genuine warmth that I canโ€™t quite put into words. But if you know, you know. We want more, the beginning never touching the end. 

He is easy to romanticize but thatโ€™s not my mission here. The point is to relish and rejoice in recognizing how fortunate we are, those that comprehend my meaning. 

Itโ€™s beautiful thing. Where he came from with his surreal connection is a wonderful present. Whether itโ€™s another world or from some distant star are both sweet images. 

โ€œAre you just a vision, or are you really real?โ€ Listen gently and intently to those specific words near the songโ€™s end. I think that is the portion I love the most.

By the way, this beauty was the B side to Return to Sender. It hit 99 on the top 100 in October 1962. It wasnโ€™t used in the film but is on the soundtrack. RTS peaked at #2.

Itโ€™s described as a slow aching croon ballad with a swooning hypnotizing mystical air. I agree.


Where Do You Come From?

(Words and music by Ruth Bachelor/ Bob Roberts)

Where do you come from?

Tell me who you are

Do you come from another world

Or from some distant star?

Where do you come from?

Are you what you seem?

Are you real,

Are you standing there,

Or is it just a dream?

Tell me more about yourself

Do you feel the way I feel?

Are you just a vision,

Or are you really real?

Where do you come from?

Angel won’t you say?

Tell me all that there is to know

And tell me that you’ll stay.

3/27/62 first released on Girls! Girls! Girls!