It takes only a note to soak in the voice. While a look speaks more highly of you. Your smile melts the hidden heartstrings. And your dialect uncovers all that is true.

It’s not always in that which you spoke. It’s in the things you didn’t need to say. It’s within the connected emotions. The passages marking their way.

Many gather what was valuably yours. A bracelet, a necklace, a ring. They measure their worth by all they possess. But they collectively miss out on one thing.

True, possessions he touched carry on. To touch what he touched holds them close. But beyond those rarest of items. There’s only one thing that I chose.

If I had a wish to be granted. I’d gladly pass sterile reminders on by. The items are things that anyone owns. But a spirit bound heart can’t deny.

Beyond the ears and the eyes one can listen. Hearing with the quiet of heart. Not needing a valuable album. Or a cover of priceless art.

Knowing those owned emotions. Understanding all that was free to be shared. Cannot be explained or purchased. It remains only true that you cared.

The most awful of days left us behind. With the start of a time of great sorrow. But the things that remained from your heart to ours. Gave a glimpse of a joyful tomorrow.

So what you hold now matters not to us faithful. When in fact it only holds tightly to you. In the blink of an eye it all may be gone. And what remains is the honest and true.

The voice still connects, the smile holds the spell. It’s the glance piercing us still. The integrity measured deep in his soul. And his sincereness of heart always will.