Finally 2019 is riding off into the sunset, heading due west, a direction I have zero use for. West holds nothing good. Besides, Memphis is to my east.

Like a wounded dog with it’s tail tucked between it’s legs, skulking stealthily from whence it came, back to the darkness where it belongs, 2019 is a deep leaden cavern whose walls are lined with betrayal and deceit and whose bottom is a mire of sludge filled with painful lies. The peat bog of 2019 is a hateful place never to be revisited once you have thankfully escaped from it’s evil clutches.

Ok, that’s extreme, but honestly 2019 was not a good year for me personally. It held some of my life’s biggest hurts and most painful lessons. I am not a drinker and I suppose that’s a good thing or 2019 would have found me blasted a time or two. I’m much wiser and that’s a great thing. January first is the beginning day of a new month, a new year, and a new decade and if allowed, a commencement of new opportunities for self growth. 

Many make New Year’s resolutions with awesome intentions for positive plans and purposes – financial aspirations, health goals, kindness determination and personal commitments and pledges.  A clean slate is a beautiful welcomed sight. If 2019 was the despised enemy riding away, 2020 is a true friend coming to stay, full of encouragement and promises.

So as I resolve to eat healthier, become more organized, visit the gym regularly, be frugal as possible and be kinder to my family, I also have giant Elvis resolutions.

Elvis Presley has been an immense part of my life all of my life. Some seasons he was forced to occupy a smaller space as children and family had need of a larger playground. As they have grown and semi-flown, he’s been joyously allowed a greater portion. These days, he inhabits a huge slice of my waking hours, writing, reading, studying, viewing, listening and just plain enjoying. He’s a delightful hobby – which sounds better than an obsession.

One conclusion I’ve come to is an increase in Elvis dissension directly correlates to a decrease in Elvis pleasure. It’s easy to allow yourself to get sucked into it. Some things are important and crucial to keep the legacy alive but much of the argument is just plain bull. We worry over the color of a sweater and the mindset of a long gone associate. Non issues become paramount as stories are told and re-told ending like the child’s game of telephone. We find concern in assigning blame where it shouldn’t be and innocence to the silent fallen. In short, we major on the minors and in turn detract from the beauty.

Authenticity is important, as is truth. But sometimes it’s necessary to deal with it in your own mind and move on. If there is never any compromise then the forest gets hidden by the trees. If we continue to concentrate on our differences rather than our agreements, the snowy mountain top will be obscured by dark clouds and we’ll miss the beauty of the colors of the eastern sunrise. Don’t abandon all true legacy but rather keep the entire panorama in proper view.

My 2020 focus is perfect vision on one man and one man only, in the way that he intended. Auld land syne means ‘long times past’ and a long time HAS passed. March 24th will be equal days to his time on the earth and his time gone, 15,561 days each way to be exact. 

So this is my RESOLUTION. I’m leaving the boorish Elvis minutiae behind and celebrating the intensive Elvis beauty. I’m turning the music volume up, soaking in the movies, and delighting at the concerts. I’ll read and observe and listen more with my heart and with less reserve. I don’t care about the supporting characters’ level of importance.  The ego of who knows whom and who knows what, or who owns what and who has been where matters not. 

Elvis’ greatest desire was to be an entertainer and I’ll honor him by allowing him to do that which he was born to do, entertain his fans, entertain me. I cannot think of a better resolution than to concentrate more on him and let the rest drop exactly where it belongs. He doesn’t need me to defend him – he is his own best defense and he will stand the test of time without my help. I just can’t help believin’ this is how he would want it.

So Happy 2020 Elvis. My new year is all about YOU.