The more I read and peruse and study, the more I’m largely convinced of a big conclusion: Elvis must have been very small.

Was his gigantic public nature simply an optical illusion, a publicity stunt or a slight of hand? Is he so completely compartmentalized and water tightly kept that only tiny bits existed haphazardly on the outside? Is it profound Presley prestidigitation? Are smoke and mirrors involved? We can’t attribute it to the Colonel’s bait and switch tactics. He’s been long gone. 

When I look online, I sense an underlying, unspoken opposition to that which I’ve always believed and felt, mistaken ideology and thoughts that press and push Presley, plunging his prodigious portrayal into a profound misguided folly.

Why would I adopt a crazy notion of a miniature Elvis as an actual image? Simple, his fans say so. Not all of his devotees, but more than just one or two. 

Genuine devotion isn’t debated nor the fan status of ‘true-ness’ contested. It’s those select ones who squeeze Elvis so tightly that they give the impression there is only a finite amount and their personal ownership is all that matters. It’s those misguided souls who ‘know’ they could have singlehandedly saved him.

It’s the ones who constantly one-up other fans and do not consider them equal. The arrogant have a need to establish their place in the Sun – pun intended. They must make themselves appear more knowledgeable, more intensively devoted. They must love more, know more, collect more and obtain more. It mistakenly screams look at me, rather than look at him. They repeatedly point out ‘my’ experience, ‘my’ collection, ‘my’ possession with the emphasis on the ‘my’.

The sad story is their end does not only not justify the means, it emphasizes just the opposite, especially on the web, a slice of the world’s eclectic sampling of Elvis fans. Enlarging themselves makes Elvis look minuscule as if he only belongs to those who are the most worthy. It quiets a new up and coming fan from asking questions and learning the ropes. It stills the voices who want to know more but are afraid to ask because they’ve heard repeatedly … ‘how could you not know that?’ It boxes Presley in because he is only allowed conditional followers who MUST be the upper echelon of fandom. 

It’s Elvis snobbishness. Something our man himself would absolutely detest and abhor. And yes, he’s ours, mine and yours.

I’m being harsh but I’m being honest. There are others who feel the same but are reticent to say anything. I needed to get it off my chest. I try to keep it real and keep it all in check, considering the sources in most cases.

Once upon a time, I allowed the super fans to make me feel small. I had to learn to purposely disavow my own insecurities and assert my place within. Others’ possessions, experiences, knowledge and feelings can never take away from me and it cannot take away from you unless you allow it. 

We know in fact that Elvis is not small, not by any means. He never was and he never will be. Being an Elvis fan is like love. It grows exponentially the more that is given away, the more that is returned. There’s plenty of him to share. Greediness is just plain ugly.