“Lights aglow and mistletoe, don’t mean a thing when you’re not here.”

“Midnight’s prayers so softly whispered in a cathedral’s candle light.”

“Fate holds out a candle for your footsteps.”

“There must be lights burning brighter somewhere.”

What is there about the glimmer of holiday lights that elicits such intense feelings? Whether it’s a soft glow or the brighter festive look, snapshots of the past line our memory with tenderness and then our thoughts turn to current expectation. Candlelight somehow provides a velvety soft place to land during the harshest of times. Iciness can be all around but our hearts are wrapped snug in the warmth of the holiday shine.

As Christmas sneaks upon us, decorations are appropriately placed, gifts carefully chosen and stunningly wrapped, trees brightly and thoughtfully decorated, stocking hung by the chimney with care. The beauty of the season surrounds us, especially lights – everywhere the magnificent holiday lights.

One of the most lovely tender feelings is right before Christmas, when everything is done and all preparations complete, as you enjoy a warm cup of cocoa, topped with plenty of marshmallows, Christmas music softly playing in the background – Elvis of course. A darkened room, a nice cozy fire, a warm fluffy robe and a soft comfortable perch to sit back and serenely view the twinkling brilliance of your superbly adorned tree, as your sip your now perfect temperature beverage. “Santa Claus is back in town …..”

Then you abruptly wake from that fantasy and get back to attempting to put it all together. I’m speaking from my perfectionist mom standpoint, of which I had to learn to adapt. The above paragraph may apply to others within the household. I’m being honest here – often times I’ve been so completely worn out by Christmas that all I want to do is sleep for a few days and quietly rejoice that it’s finally over. I hate that I’ve felt that way – not just once, but on several occasions. The pressure and stress is very real.

The lights though, they do help. There’s a reflection in your sights and that of others as the scene present evokes the scene past. The glow today reminds me of the sentiments of yesterday when life was simpler. Within the lights, you see through the eyes of others, the sparkle of the children’s eyes are matched by the mistiness of the adults’. Even if seeing is difficult in the dimness, the sweet precious past memories are illuminated brightly within the soul.

Elvis loved the lights, that’s obvious. The blue lights surrounding Graceland are a beacon and a testament synonymous with a Presley Christmas. They can bring great comfort. They do for me. They remind me of what he loved and what he felt and what he gave, and who he was, as much as any outsider can reconcile. They cause me to relate to him in an even closer way, identifying with his holiday zest. I smile when I see them. 

I think of the images of Elvis style holidays and I visualize what it must have been like. That alone makes my heart happy. My Christmas memories get wrapped up with his. Many years may have passed since Elvis joyously played Santa on this Earth and still his Christmas spirit is contagious to those who connect to him. I am so thankful Graceland is decorated for Christmas, up until his January 8th birthday. May that never change.

We need the lights. Those “lights all aglow”, especially at Graceland, give us an inner gleam and remind us. Thankfully, I truly believe they always will. Merry Christmas dear Elvis.