Grand and still, the house on the hill

Empty except for the man.

A full heart recalling the past

All filled with the brim of those days

Thoughts a soft blanket to cover the land.

He knew for certain, behind the dark curtain

Surveying the familiar scene.

Quiet snowflakes floating down

Holidays of laughter and joyous times

Though the long days were hard and lean.

His mind went to three, in the county of Lee

A family bound together.

Times that were meager and slim

Handmade decorations to make it festive

Cotton and ribbons and leather.

Times were tough, there was never enough

Making due a crafted art.

Memories become a bittersweet joy

Years erasing the pain and the strife

Swapped out by the happier part.

A path of gold now replaces the old

Riches beyond compare.

More abundance than imagined

Still a longing for the surrounding love

Filling the house so bare.

Looking about, realization no doubt

Inside himself was the dream

Warmth from within his soul

Gifts of the heart had found a home

There all along to redeem.

Grand and still, the house on the hill

Taking on the manโ€™s knowing.

The past had itโ€™s place

Leading to here and nowโ€™s stance

Seasonal hearts’ bright glowing.