Twas the end of the day of the evening before

When life had slowed to a hum from a roar.

The mansion still dressed in lights all aglow

Festive and cheery like yules long ago.

Adorning the lawn just past the front gate

As you head up the drive, greetings await.

Decor and messages from earlier time

Hold the same meaning from your heart to mine.

Beyond the blue bulbs and colorful trees

Past the shiny green shrubs that everyone sees.

Stand in his doorway and take a deep breath

Inhale the whole history that erases his death.

Open the door, dusk has arrived

The house is now empty, yet still alive.

Visitors gone and silence awaits

No one is there, from garden to gate.

From attic to cellar, the front to the rear

The sweet spirit of Elvis still permeates there.

As you step in his foyer, quiet and dim

A slight glow on the tree shines down from each limb.

The walls hold the stories, cherished memories dear

The floors keep the secrets passed through the years.

Each room has a tale still yet to be shared

You stand in the middle and glance up the stairs.

This exceptional host resides in each nook

He’s felt and he’s heard wherever you look.

Special times, special friends, lively music and talk

Holidays there were right on the mark.

His generous nature wasn’t confined to the season

He gave out of love whatever the reason.

Tangible gifts though thoughtful and fun

Were far less important than the most crucial one.

Time isn’t erased when you walk through the door

The spirit of Elvis is alive ever more. 

The gift of his home, himself, and his song

Will forever grace Graceland, all the day long.