If you give a fan a record, she’ll glance at the cover. If she glances at the cover, she’ll immediately flip it over to examine the back. If she examines the back, she’ll take note of the songs. Once she’s looked at the track list, she’ll look back at the front to take in the dreamy man on the cover again.

Once she has taken in and studied the dreamy man’s face, she’ll seek out a record player to play the record. If she plays the record once, she’ll play it over and over and memorize the voice and the songs. If she memorizes the voice and the songs, she’ll seek them out in other places, like her radio.

If she hears him on the radio, she’ll immediately share it with her friends. If she shares it with her friends, they will in turn want to purchase the record. If they listen to the records and the radio, they too will hear how wonderful he is and learn that he will soon be on television and they will all plan to watch.

If she and her friends watch the man on television, they will be even more amazed and mesmerized. The talk and admiration will increase. If the talk and admiration increases, they will all fall hopelessly in love and seek out every avenue possible to know more about the man. They will hear about upcoming personal appearances and shows and make plans to be there.

If they attend his shows, they will become totally fixated and consumed with this man. If they are consumed with this man, they will find out where he lives. If they find out where he lives, they will frequent his residence to be near him. If they are near him, they will want to know even more about him. They will forge friendships with other fans and trade information. If they forge friendships, they will also  form fan clubs. They will hear that he is soon to be in the movies.

If they hear he is to be in the movies, they will be sure to be in the audience at every movie showing. They will memorize his roles and plaster their walls with photos and articles about his endeavors. If they cover their walls with him, they will become totally immersed in his life story.

If they are immersed in his life story, they will learn he has been drafted. Once he is drafted, they will pen letters and continue to be faithful until his service is done. Once his service is over, they will welcome him back with open arms and loving hearts. They will hear there are more movies in store and be sure to attend those too. Once they see those movies, they will buy the accompanying soundtracks and memorize the songs, until the time returns for more live concerts.

Once they hear of more live concerts, they will make plans to be in the audience and will now bring their husbands and children with them. If they bring their children, the children will grow up surrounded by this man, his music and his story, like family connected to their lives. They will all be eventually saddened by his death.

Though saddened by his death, they will continue to be faithful to his legacy and stay close. If they stay close, they will continue to buy new “old’ recordings and play them often. If they play them often, new and younger fans will hear them. If new, younger fans hear them, they will share them with others.

If they share them with others, then they too will purchase their own records …. And if you give a fan a record …….

(artist: Jennifer Baker)