We are thrilled to bring you our first ever in-person interview converted to podcast form, featuring Billy Stanley: the Step-Brother of Elvis Presley. Pete and I got to meet him in person when we traveled to Memphis for Elvis week, and he was kind enough to interview with us live and on the spot! Billy has had experienced controversy in the Elvis World. The reviews of his books that I have found online often warn you to take what he says “with a grain of salt.”  We have included affiliate links below so you can buy the books and read them for yourself. What I can tell you…from my personal experience of being in the same room with this man…his love and adoration for Elvis is almost palpable to this day. When you are with Billy, you feel like no time has gone by since he has been apart from his “brother” Elvis. If it weren’t for the sadness you feel inside that is radiated from HIM to your own heart – when he tells you how much he misses him – you might think he was just with Elvis a few minutes ago. You will hear in the interview how Billy literally brought me to tears with his return from death story, where he explains died for a few minutes and he Elvis in heaven in 2018. All this from a man who has stories swirling around him that Elvis had an affair with his wife. Billy has moved on from that.

No matter what, it is clear that Billy respects and appreciates Elvis. He literally thinks of Elvis each and every day. I encourage you to listen to the interview but also watch it again on facebook live. It’s no wonder this one has thousands of views already.

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After Elvis’s death, Dee and all of her sons published books describing their lives during the years spent with Elvis. Just a few years after Presley’s death, Dee and the boys collaborated on Elvis, We Love You Tender. In 1986 David came out with his own book, Life With Elvis. Billy followed several years later with Elvis, My Brother: An Intimate Family Memoir of Life with the King.

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Amazon affiliate link: Elvis, My Brother Stanley captures the camaraderie, love, pain, glamour, excess, and the memories of 17 unforgettable years with Elvis Presley, as he reveals the personal insights and intimate details that only a brother could know. “An insight into Elvis, the man rather than the King”.–USA Today. Photographs. Martin’s.

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Elvis’ mother, Gladys, passed away while Elvis was in the army on August 14th 1958.  Dee Stanley was married to Sergeant Bill Stanley for about 10 years at the time she met Vernon Presley. She left her husband in 1959 as he was stationed in Germany, and went back to the United States. Vernon followed her shortly afterwards. The couple married on July 3rd 1960, but Elvis did not attend the wedding, it is a well known fact that Elvis had trouble accepting the marriage, he felt it was too soon after the death of Gladys – and to him his mother was irreplaceable. Elvis and Dee would never become the best of friends. He was however very happy with his three ‘new brothers’, Billy, Ricky and David. Billy Stanley was the oldest. Elvis had always wanted a little brothers and now he felt like he had three! He was more than delighted. Vernon and Dee divorced at the end of 1974.