This is not my typical sunshine and roses post, but rather something I need to express. There is a special place for swindlers and liars who take advantage. You have permission to scroll on by  .….

Something noteworthy among Elvis fans is their genuine concern for one another and their common caring bond. You either get it or you don’t. It’s that simple. The gray areas are non-existent within the Elvis boundaries. This ideology is something to be heralded and praised. It’s glorious, grand and golden, 99.9 per cent of the time.

Then there is the unimaginable minuscule .01 per cent of evil. The small portion where one eventually proves himself to be fake, unreliable and a liar. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the truth is not in him. He causes great pain pretending to be something he is not. Pseudo fans prey on the good nature and the trust of others, hurting them to the core. Elvis would be ashamed that they do any of their dirtiness under the guise of caring about him. They truly care only for themselves.

Some are out for material gain, offering unsubstantiated Presley related items for sale. Fake COA’s are out there and the majority are unsuspecting. Our trust, like Elvis’, is an automatic stance of innocent until proven guilty. 

Beyond the superficial financial loss is a far more extensive  forfeiture. Money can be regained. More paramount is the emotional ache which cuts deeper than an unpaid debt. It’s the heartbreak and hurt resulting from a misplaced confidence. Shattered trust and broken hearts are excruciating and agonizing and difficult to repair. Pair them with an Elvis link and it’s far past gut-wrenching. Not only has that person wronged you, they’ve indirectly wronged our boy.

Elvis had an exceedingly sensitive nature. His heart was huge and he accepted most everyone as they were. He valued loyalty and he saw allegiance as a two way street. When he gave, he gave with his whole heart, his entire being. Those he trusted and loved, held an exceptionally valued place within his circle. He depended on truth to be a certainty and not an option. The times he was brokenly disappointed took it’s toll on him. When we are hurt under the guise of a caring or loving fan associate, it affects us likewise. 

There are always people problems. The backdrop may change but the issues stay in focus. Work, family, friends, church, social media, etc, all are relationship based and experience turmoil at times. It may sound naive, but somehow I always expect more from the Presley bond. My love for him is permanent, strong and true and I presume those who claim the same, to be the same.

We know how Elvis felt about deceit. It wasn’t in his character to be an angry person, but hurt fuels outrage. And a righteous anger seethes. He could flash that smile but also turn that wrath into an appropriate look. The unscrupulous deceitful manipulative liars that take advantage while praising Presley do not deserve him.

To those who surround themselves with all things Elvis, amassing collections and artifacts and stories sanctimoniously promoting themselves for the wrong reasons, all the while exhibiting the characteristics of Parker rather than Presley, it will return tenfold. They must face their reflection each day. They bask in themselves with a false sense of accomplishment that will follow them to their grave.  How sad for them. 

For my Elvis friends and acquaintances who have been wounded under a counterfeit Presley link by charlatans and liars, my heart goes out to you. Become more vigilant and wiser. Don’t allow it to happen twice. I know I won’t. Though you may be let down, there is a voice and character to soothe you and replaces the bitterness with better-ness.  

The true Presley interconnection adheres to the love me tender hearts owned by genuine honest people. Some of my best friends worldwide are Elvis friends. We learn together who to avoid, unfortunately sometimes we learn the hard way. Experience remains the best teacher by far.

Elvis knew it and so do we. Be careful out there as you TCB.