Once upon a time in a far away castle way upon a hill, there lived a handsome and most exceptional king. He possessed a gentle and easy disposition, generosity wrapping his soul with kindness and mercy. When he spoke to those around him, commoner or royalty, an ease of conversation was the order of the day. His position seemed not to own him any more than he owned his position. His royal demeanor was a gift he did not seek, yet one he had always possessed. 

While he was not born into royalty, he was born to become royal. The years shaping his regal future were far from fanciful but the groundwork was laid for a solid foundation by hard work and example. He was privy to truths of decency within humanity and witnessed and absorbed the abundance provided by a spirit of love. All his life, those around him felt the aura of his special gifts increase as he grew in wisdom and stature.

The joy of song was a constant and natural part of who he was. In childhood and manhood, those who heard him sing were enriched. By combining fate with chance, his voice became a siren’s call, not ill fated but soothing and enticing, allowing the listener to experience as much importance of emotion as the singer. One could not exist without the other. A mutual love became an instantaneous bond never to be broken, only strengthened throughout his reign.

Often while inside his gates, the king gazed out over his sprawling domain. He felt he was chosen to spread happiness through music and he lived to do so. He saw the rapture in his subjects’ faces and felt their adoration. It fueled his desire to serve and joy bounced between the two. 

Still there were days melancholy would cover his normal zeal and he struggled to find balance. His humanity produced a loneliness that people and subjects couldn’t quite fill. Many can relate. The castle on the hill was never meant to be a fortress because the only protection he needed was from himself. He looked about and saw he possessed all anyone could ever want or need. Was that not enough?

Alone with his thoughts, how often did that king look outside his palace and question his true purpose, wondering if he would be remembered kindly when his life was complete. Those within his circle say he was at times unsure. If only he’d known the absolute truth that his reign only had a beginning and will never have an end.

We refer to Elvis Presley as the king, yet in reality he didn’t like the title. He understood the reasoning behind it and was surely flattered, but he also knew there was a far greater King who appointed and gifted him.

We visit his refuge Graceland and feel his presence loving and sure, welcoming guests from around the globe. While his charisma and legacy of life draws us, there is a secondary link between subject to subject. It’s as strong and powerful as subject to king and characterizes his life as much as any other trait.

While we proclaim Elvis is king, he is in truth one of us. We gravitate to his vulnerability and drink in his passion. We feel his love and it connects us in a way that words cannot describe. We sense his sensitivity and relate. We hear his song and our souls are soothed and refreshed. 

Imagining another reigning in such a completely giving and sovereign manner is impossible. As we lovingly look in, we can see him lovingly looking out and surveying his surroundings. Our hearts smile at the thought. The king will never be forgotten.