Is there a difference between lonesome and lonely? It’s said a lonesome person has hope, a lonely person not so much. Lonely is meant to lack companionship whereas lonesome signifies something desolate, secluded and solitary. A house can be lonesome but not lonely. A person can experience either.

Elvis Presley pleadingly asked the world are you lonesome tonight and sang out mournfully he was so lonesome he could cry. Both are meaningful passion packed songs. You can feel his sincerity and sense the threads of emotive truth deeply woven within and between the lyrics, especially forceful in the Aloha 1973 special.

What is there about this Mississippi man that begs for such an empathetic worldwide response? We connect and share in his every powerful sensation. We understand instinctively his sentiments and sentimentality. To say he’s no different than any other performer is the furthest thing from truth. 

One simply does not hear Elvis, one emphatically, enthusiastically, ardently and fervently feels Elvis. No other artist in history has the abilities he has. None. His words and tones don’t hit our ears, they embrace our soul. They don’t just please our senses, they fill them with meaning, understanding and compassion. Through glances, tone, notes and sound, his spirit and ours connect on a level that is personal, intimate and universal.

I’ve posted a clip of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” I challenge you to take in this 2 minutes and 5 seconds and not be wrapped in all he genuinely conveys. Seriously study that beautiful face. From the initial shake of his head as he launches himself into the scene like that split second a cannon ignites, to the final rewarding glance as he hits the mark completing the journey, you cannot look away. He’s perfect to view, perfect to hear and perfectly mesmerizing in every perfect way. 

As much as I adore Aloha, I’ve always objected to the many split screen angles. It disturbs me. I finally understand why – I don’t know where to focus. There is too much beauty to grasp at one time, each with equal importance. Every stunning view has it’s own reward. There is value with all segments and none should be missed, not even a nano second. We don’t need to multi task with Elvis. He deserves and commands our full and undivided attention always.

There is no man more captivating or talented, never has been, never will be. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better use of your time. Enjoy this two minute audio-visual soul nourishing treat. 

A thing of beauty is a joy forever and this is no exception.