Hard to imagine before time began. 

The burning question was the price of the doggie in the window and there was concern with the stars getting in your eyes. Little things meant a lot to a secret love and to those who were among the very young at heart. Davy Crockett was a national hero.

The world was largely decorated in black, white and tones of gray. I think the only ice cream flavor was vanilla, meat loaf was served on Wednesdays to the majority of the 2 billion 772 million Earth inhabitants.Β 

Most kids knew exactly what time it was when asked. Howdy Doody had their total attention. RC Cola came in a can and a mile under 4 was reality.

Excitement was contained as Yahtzee, Scrabble and Lincoln Logs occupied the minds of the youth and Canasta kept the grown up’s busy. Teenagers were pre-adults, younger versions of the parents, with little buying power of their own. Although they did like Martin and Lewis as much as their parents.

A baby girl born during this era was likely Mary, Linda Deborah or Patricia and boys Micheal, Robert, James, David and Mark would someday marry them. Lucy was loved. She still is. You can bet your life on that.

Speaking of life … life was a both a cereal and a magazine, and quite predictable. 

Thankfully the earth shifted and BOOM! Then there was Elvis. …..  nothing has been the same since.