How many times have we reflected back on something that became of greater importance later on, and realized we weren’t fully present in the moment, soaking up all that was before us? That’s one reason we treasure photographs so dearly.

If you could relive one day in your life, would you? I don’t mean rearrange a day to change the outcome altering history but simply re-experience a time or event within a day with greater clarity and attention to details, thoughts, and feelings. 

There are family moments that immediately pop up, especially final moments with a loved one or a particularly meaningful event. I think if I could re-live only one average day, it would be when my trio were babies – on a good day. 

A new baby is chaos and craziness, but good craziness. Having three babies is insanity, but a blessing. Survival mode was my daily operation status because it was such a busy time. I had no help and it was exhausting but rewarding. I would love to redo one simple day where I was totally in the moment and solely enjoying baby snuggles and giggles rather than thinking two or three steps ahead to the next thing or ten I knew I had to do.

I think about this same scenario in the case of our darling Elvis. I would certainly re-live the final concert I was so very fortunate to attend back in 1976.

I was young, very excited, and like the rest of the world, had no thought of him leaving us anytime soon. I wasn’t a concert follower traveling from venue to venue, although I envy those that were. I was a high school student. I counted the days until he arrived in my hometown, planned my outfit, and thought about what special gift I would bring to him. Read my story about it here :  

I peruse various Elvis sites and I am always amazed to read detailed concert accounts from fans, including set lists, comments, stage wear attire, interaction, band members, audience banter, all the way down to rings and jewelry. It absolutely amazes and astounds. All I can recall is being there and the highlights. To attend all over again, knowing all I know now, with purpose and intent and strict attention to every single nuance and detail would be amazing. 

I am so impressed by those who had the forethought to chronicle the Elvis world so closely. Looking back on it with such introspection and recalling every last moment. Thankfully, some were bold enough to sneak in voice recorders and captured the sounds that can never be fully described by words alone. There aren’t enough adjectives to adequately describe that exact moment he walked on the stage, the electricity, the aura, the hypnotic thrill.

If I could re attend, I would drink in every note he sang from start to finish, inhale every sentence he uttered. I would swallow each boyish grin and sexy smile. I would be fully aware of every glance and expression and burn them into my consciousness. Like a novel you can’t wait to finish yet you read a little slower so it’s not over so quickly, I would be very still and capture the full circle of the event to recall verbatim when the final chapter is done. 

I would take special note of his stride and his strut, his grunts and his goofs, his mood and his manners, ensnaring each one having it forever etched in my heart. It would be more than an Elvis concert, it would be the total event package that is was, the event I only halfway memorized because nerves and immaturity took over for forethought and innovation. 

They say Elvis was blinded by the bright lights, the flashes, the array of shots and stage glare. I was blinded by simply viewing the subject matter and missed the full mental photo opportunity all around. Just like with my children, I was onto the next thing while I was there, two steps ahead, knowing I would see him in Las Vegas in a few months and then on his tour in 1977.  There was no thought of that not happening. If only I’d known.

It’s true you can’t go back. It’s only a fleeting imaginary thought of “what if” from a fan in love. Fanciful ideas and sincere wishes of make believe can never make it so. The answer is to treasure what I have and let others fill in the gaps I missed. Perhaps multiple viewpoints paint a broader canvas but still the scope I had and all it’s personal beauty will always still be mine. 

This phenomenal once in a lifetime beautiful man was meant to be shared exponentially and as fans, we are fortunate to draw from those who love him just as dearly. Those who understand know that Elvis Presley is mine and yours, both personally and universally forever and lovingly cherished worldwide.