There are times I can easily wax poetic over a single photo or a mere thought about our guy. He tends to romantically influence many of us in that magical dreamy way of his, transporting us to a place of beauty and calmness by his being. 

While the images are especially pleasing in their own right, there is a place to travel beyond where the image and the voice are of one accord. The blend is a compote of soothing tones washing over us as the auditory and visual delights tantalize the remaining senses. The combination of sight and sound become a recipe for a masterpiece as feelings intensify the delicious flavor that is Elvis.

No where is this more evident than Aloha’s spectacular feast of “What Now My Love.” 

Boredom is never an option as long as we have the visual and auditory renderings of this man. Whether it’s a popular tune of choice, or movie flavor of the month or spectacular concert footage like I’ve linked below, we’re fortunate to live in this age of instant Elvis gratification.

It may be dated 1973 but that’s of no consequence. Elvis is timeless in a way that is both unexplainable and totally believable. I don’t see or hear him and think of the when specifics, just the now beauty. Often it’s only in noticing those around him do I see the shift of an era. I totally think Elvis Presley could stand in front of us today and blend right in without being dated in the least.

“What Now My Love” is a 3 minute and 15 second travel machine, not of time but of place, where the focus is solely on this man and our connection to him. From the gravel voice start of “take it on baby” … we’re taken in and on and along for the ride. The initial seconds of concentration set the stage and mark 35 sees the look of knowing he has us hooked.

His concentration intensifies and at mark 1:05 a shake of the head pulls us further. 1:20 hand motions grab and the 1:30 of close ups of sweat and tears begs for a touch to wipe away any discomfort. A 1:45 beautiful attentive crinkle of the nose further holds us close and the 1:55 glance at the crowd throws the feel from inward to outward. At the slight 2:06 smile, we’re captivated.

2:33 pause is a pause of intent as he launches into a plea of both power and powerlessness, his and ours, giving himself to the lyrical meaning. The remainder of the song grasps us tighter, breath held and sight and sound becomes throughly mixed as the finale explodes with all that is Elvis Presley.

How can so much be so strongly experienced in such a short span? That truth in essence demonstrates the power of Presley, a beautiful intensity that I wouldn’t give up for anything else in this world.

While others hear a song and see a man, those that align with his connection feel, perceive and detect more than musical notes and lilting lyrics. It’s the discernible feel he pours into a song that makes all the difference, dividing casual fans from those of the true and purer Elvis understanding.

There’s no other way to describe it to the non believer. The pure Presley sound requires no further explanation.