There’s a beautiful country song that was out a few years ago by Diamond Rio. The lyrics speak of a lost love, not specific to who the love was or why the love disappeared. I often remember my late father when I hear this song, missing his beautiful hearty laugh, his words of wisdom and his reassuring unconditional love. To hear him tell me how proud he was of me was one of my greatest joys because I knew he meant it. These are the things you remember.

Always my biggest cheerleader, confidant and in many ways my best friend, I miss him greatly. I hope we all have or have had someone like this in our lives. If so, you understand.

When you’re missing someone special to you, you recall the time together and you’d give anything for another moment or two. Often it’s not even a remarkable event, just the easy every day space shared.

I heard this song today and my thoughts flew to our sweet Elvis. It must be this time of the year that his memory flows so easily. How wonderful it would be to have more time, more moments, to gaze upon his beautiful face once again. Imagine hearing his voice and his laughter one more time, soaking it all in, to watch him walk and note his movements? 

To witness him flashing that stunning lopsided playful grin as something tickled his funny bone would be heavenly. His laughter was always so contagious.

If we had more time with him, how would we spend it? Would we make sure he knew how sincerely loved he was and how incredibly exceptional his talents were? Would we ask him to sing just one more song, perhaps an old cherished favorite or something more recent that we know he would surely make his own, drinking in every last note? 

Would we stroll around Graceland with him and let him proudly show us his kingdom, talking about his hopes and dreams for the future as we sat for a moment in the Meditation Garden? 

Would we carefully listen as he shyly expressed his insecurities and fears and then reassure him all will be okay? Would we assure our unconditional love was ingrained in his heart, that his fans were not fair weather fans only for the moment? Would we make certain he never left this world without knowing beyond a doubt his gifts were not for nothing and he will never be forgotten? 

Will we tell him how many lives he’s touched and how many lives he’s figuratively unknowingly saved? Will we explain icon and legendary and legacy are all perfectly ascribed only to him?

There is one critical flaw with this. Like the lyrics of the song expresses, having those exquisite few moments would only result in one thing …..

“One more day, one more time, one more sunset, maybe I’d be satisfied.

But then again, I know what it would do ….. leave me wishing still for one more day with you”

(what would you do with that one more day – with someone you love?)