Larry Geller, of course was Elvis Presley’s personal hairstylist, one of his dearest and most trusted friends and, in many ways, his spiritual mentor.

TODAY… Larry is BACK with us on TCB Radio Network to share more Elvis stories! Larry will also reveal his most precious haircare secrets … the very same ones he used for Elvis Presley. Everyone knows that behind every great man is an often even BETTER woman, so joining Larry on the line is his beautiful partner in the business and in life – his wife – Shira Geller.
It’s your turn to experience the amazing secrets because Larry is NOW offering the ultimate haircare products given by nature and captured by science… his signature line of haircare – Wisdome Organics! Here to talk more about Wisdome Organics and share more Elvis stories – Larry and Shira Geller!

Is this really the hair care line Elvis would be using if he was still with us?

What was Larry’s role in a very famous movie about Elvis – starring Kurt Russell?

What was the last time Larry talked with Elvis?

What is hair yoga?

Get the answers to all these questions AND the very moving story about last time Larry styled the hair of his friend Elvis Presley.

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