👑 Presley Ever After~ written by Janet Bostic 

With the final beat, millions of hearts were shattered all around the world.

But just like our “little friend”, time moved fast and we moved on – and we loved others time and time again. But not like him. Not in the same way and never with the same intensity. Miraculously the sun still set that evening and somehow rose again to greet the dawn, and has since risen 15,272 times. Amazingly, unbelievably and inarguably true, we approach the 42 year mark. Surely it was the end that hot August afternoon – was it not? 

When what you can see and feel and touch stops, the intangible becomes the unstoppable. It presses on. Many feel the spirit continues and they feel it just as sure as they’re breathing and living themselves.

The truth is this – only the tangible died that day. Elvis himself lives on.

While some things did cease in 1977, many more only intensified. We are indebted to what he left us, that which continues and expands across all lines, racial, economic, generational and global. There is a multitude of ongoing aspects and influences far past the obvious one of music. Areas of Elvis influence we may not recognize or realize still impact us each and every day. 

Fashion for one, hair and clothing trendsetting and style, individuality which he dared to command along with a certain swagger only he could possess and rock. It was a genteel swagger void of arrogance, seemingly diametrically opposed but with Presley, it flowed.

Language, lingo, southern slang and dialect are direct Elvis jargon, acceptable and common when once upon a time celebrities and those in the limelight needed to conform, lose their “accents” and become more refined. Elvis was always Elvis. Sure he matured, but there was never a doubt he was a southern boy. He branched out but his roots remained firm.

Audiences were no longer contained. Entertainment action and reaction with a freedom of expression for the act and the recipients alike became commonplace and acceptable. Screams of joy and excitement and a pure happiness replaced quiet polite applause. Concert attendance would never be the same after Elvis.

Elvis remains in art, now as a logo and as a brand but is multi dimensional. If you see his outline, you know it’s him. He still teaches American history and a love for country. He displays patriotism. He defines soulful southern living in a Hollywood style. He is proof positive manners never go out of fashion and respect and acceptance for your fellow man is still the order of the day.

Elvis lives on in care, compassion and humility personified and exemplified. Those things didn’t end in 1977.

He is alive in attention to details, photos, concerts, movie roles, ETA’s (yes I know that’s a whole other discussion), music groups, conventions, collections, gatherings, fan clubs and all facts and figures of his life and legacy.

He lives in respectful debates, blissful enjoyment, raptured memories.

I am one that seems to complain – a lot, but with good reason. EPE does much wrong and I’d be happier with a different reciprocal more respectful and relevant path but the truth is, they do get it right some times. Sponsoring fan events, especially the candlelight vigil remembering him, will never be wrong.

Most of all, Elvis Presley lives on in the personal relationships formed from him and around him. Friendships forged through fan groups, annual events and festivals and just finding a camaraderie in sharing a mutual love and appreciation based on Presley. I think he’d be especially proud of that last aspect – the many individuals that were fortunate to connect to another because of him, long after the sun finally set on August 16, 1977.