👑 Graceland~ written by Janet Bostic 

As the setting sun immerses the front of the famous mansion, playing peekaboo with the trees and shades of light and dark, evening is quietly announcing it’s arrival.

The hustle and bustle of daily activity is taking a much needed rest. The approaching twilight will soon give way to necessary upkeep and preparation for the morning’s return of both busy-ness and business. The back of the house will joyfully grasp the bright rays the front put to sleep hours earlier.

This early evening between daylight and dark brings a peaceful calm serenity, a time to slow down and drink in the beauty. If bricks and mortar can take on the owner’s vibe, then this famous house surely does just that.

Four decades ago, this early evening was the time Elvis was usually rising to meet his day. His nocturnal lifestyle began out of necessity of the captivity of his fame, something he accepted and made allowances for. There were no complaints. It simply was.

Breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast, day and night on a first name basis co-mingling as Memphis’ most famous resident decided between the fairgrounds and the movie theater, motorcycle riding and horseback riding, go carts and golf carts – all the King’s accompanying playthings.

I see this beautiful time of evening as a chance to reflect on the stories this home could share if able. With no tours and crowds and buses and cameras, dusk simply embraces a lovely stately castle fit for a King – and it was – in every sense of the word.

The beauty of Graceland, like it’s master, is a timeless classic, one of propriety and respect and care. The peace it brings is reminiscent of the comfort and joy he gave to those around him through his music, his life, and now his legacy.

May the sun forever shine down on the Graceland mansion and may it always remain as special to us as it was to him.