Those of you who have been following along from day one might remember – we started out as TCB Radio! Not long after that, I knew it had to be something more. We truly are a NETWORK of friends, family, and a multi-media platform celebrating all things Elvis. TCB Radio Network has been our name ever since. You can read more about our mission statement HERE.

I very much enjoyed reading this blog post written by Bud Glass at Elvis Relics! I am including a small portion of it below. He really put it into perspective – how Elvis unites so many of us – even to this day! On a side note: I agree with the first sentence Bud writes, but I don’t want to dismiss the fact that as hard as it must have been for Elvis to imagine his great success at a young age…there are many accounts and guests we have interviewed on the show that have told us that as he got a little older…Elvis not only believed he would be more – but he proclaimed it out loud to others. It didn’t matter what others thought, Elvis knew the truth deep inside. I am sure that his belief in himself played a big part in his eventual success!

Bud’s blog post is called:

Elvis Presley’s GREATEST Accomplishment …(that no one is talking about)

“In his wildest dreams, the poor kid from Tupelo, Mississippi (who just wanted to be a singer), could never have imagined what was eventually to come to pass. Not only did he go on to become a pioneer in music, a multi-millionaire, actor, sex symbol and the greatest entertainer the world has ever known; he became something FAR greater.  He did something that transcends all of his personal milestones and notable accomplishments; Something even greater than being the single largest influence on other future entertainers like the Beatles, the Stones, and even a young Bruno Mars, who started as the World’s Youngest Elvis Tribute Artist and is the current top recording artist in the world.  Incidentally, Every person who is entertained today by an artist who was first influenced by Elvis is a living testament to the powerful ripple effect of the Presley magic and influence. As if his own fan base were not large enough, a piece of Elvis continues to live on through these other talented performers over the decades, and is passed on through them to countless new generations to this very day….”

May 5, 2019 | Blog Written by Bud Glass of

You really have to read the whole thing and take it all in. Check it out at the Elvis Relics Website  HERE 

Special thanks to our friend Cissie Lowe Young who admins the Elvis: Find Out What’s Happening Then and Now facebook group for sharing this with us!