Check out this video to really understand what this means: “Elvis Turned Me On – To Fried Green Tomatoes” and YES PLEASE – will someone please design a T-shirt with that saying on it?

First though, I need to explain that I have zero time to find cool stuff like this on YouTube. You have my son, Scott, to thank for this. Just like most Moms…my children are my whole heart. They are both in their 20’s now – and very busy with life and careers – but here’s a photo from 1997 when we ran in a 3 pack. Can you believe THAT is my natural hair color?

Me with baby Scott and little Bradley in 1997

Anyhow…my youngest (Scott) is an Elvis fan and both boys love watching GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING WITH RHETT & LINK on YouTube.

Rhett & Link in front of Graceland.

What I LOVE…is that when they saw the video below … they thought of me today. It’s actually a really entertaining video! I hope it puts a smile on your face.