Sara Lynn Sanders is an extraordinarily talented photographer, artist and author. Co-host Peter Alden and I had the pleasure of meeting her in Memphis TN at the Marian Cocke Elvis Presley Memorial Dinner that took place August 2017. We are super excited to feature her as our first-ever Elvis ARTIST on TCB Radio Network.

Sara has become very popular for her images of Elvis. I asked her about her inspiration. Here’s what she had to say.

“I was 14 when Heartbreak Hotel came out. I heard it on WLS Radio Chicago. I was inspired ever since.”

Now 77 years old, she still works on Elvis paintings every day. She shared candidly about the process.

“In the old days from scratch – it took weeks! Now it only takes 4 to 6 days. Detailed costumes take most time. Many of my experiments never see the light of day. The images of Elvis [and the Presidential Medal of Freedom] are referenced from photographs that seem to have a reflection of his humanity. I try not to change the look too much – just intensify it. They are mixed media. The hand work on my computer, helps for speed. All originals are completed in acrylic on canvas, then a copy made and limited editions created. Some I embellish with gold details etc. on print if needed.”

Sara just released these new projects that celebrate the Presidential Medal of Freedom being presented to Elvis Presley.

She is running a Christmas sale for these limited edition prints where you can get 2 for $45 plus $10 shipping in the USA. They are signed and numbered by Sara with only 99 of each available. To order please send an email to saralynnstudio1 (at) gmail (dot) com or connect with her on facebook HERE.


Elvis Presley Medal of Freedom Print by Sara Lynn Sanders (Side Version)


Elvis Presley Medal of Freedom Print by Sara Lynn Sanders (Front Version)

Sara Lynn Sanders was born July 11, 1941, a few months before Pearl Harbor. She opened her own photography studio in the 1960’s and by the time color film arrived in the 1970’s – she’d hand tinted thousands of photos. This gave her an amazing education in portrait painting because by then, she knew all the planes and proportions of the face. in 1993 she went to a Medieval Times show with some friends and met one of the “knights,” Cherif Fortin, afterward. His striking good looks motivated Sara to hire him as a model for her photography. The two of them developed a lasting friendship, and began working on projects together. Passion’s Blood: An Illustrated Romantic Masterpiece Hardcover was released in 2008. Sara has become very popular for her images of Elvis! There’s a gallery of her Elvis work available for public viewing HERE. Soon, we will talk more with Sara Lynn Sanders about how her Elvis inspired art and work. Stay tuned for more Elvis history and stories from this amazing photographer, artist and author.!

Sara Lynn Sanders