Richard Davis was a longtime member of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia. Richard started working for Elvis after Elvis returned from the Army and continued to work for him until 1971 as a body guard, a stand-in in 23 movies and eventually a wardrobe manager. He remained friends with Elvis until the end. Sadly, Richard passed away on August 26, 2004. Today we are interviewing with his widow and mother of his triplets – the fabulous Kimberly Davis-Ward.

Click HERE to hear Part 2 of our interview with Kimberly Davis-Ward!

First Memphis Mafia Reunion DVD is 85 minutes long and was filmed in 1992. It features George Klein, Richard Davis, Dick Grob, Billy Smith, Sam Thompson, Mike McGregor, Red West and Pat West with a special appearance by Rufus Thomas. Send a note and a check for $25 made out to Kim Davis and she will mail you back a DVD! All money collected will go towards the family’s cause.

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In the past two years, two of our Triplets, have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. This disease has the potential to prematurely end your life or have significant detrimental effects on the rest of your life. Hearing that your child has a chronic illness for which there is no cure, is very difficult for any parent. I know how challenging my life has been, with a similar disease. It is a widely held belief among both patients and many in the medical profession that Crohn’s cannot be cured, but merely managed. More often than not, the drugs prescribed to “manage” the disease come with the risk of fatal side effects. Fear, combined with a feeling of injustice is what drives me to seek and support a change for all Crohn’s patients.

To discover that you must live with a chronic disease without hope of a cure is devastating, isolating and incredibly difficult to come to terms with. To try to accept that this is the hand dealt to your children, is one of the most difficult challenges of my life. In those first few weeks/months of Madison, and then Brandon’s diagnoses, I was in a very dark place. My reading and research into Crohn’s eventually lead me to the work of Professor Hermon-Taylor. He has dedicated decades of his life to identifying the cause of Crohn’s and more significantly developing a CURE for it in the form of the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine. When I discovered his work, I felt like God was showing me, that my children were going to be OK. To be given back hope, when previously it had been denied, is to me, a “God thing”.

This research needs financial support from wonderful people like you. Without raising these funds, this potential cure for my children and others could be destined to stay in a laboratory freezer, while sufferer’s lives continue to be wrecked.


Crohn’s is growing exponentially, especially in children. It ruins lives, and takes them prematurely. I cannot, and will not, sit back and do nothing when my children are threatened. My late husband, and the Triplets’ father, would expect no less of me, than to fight with everything that I have. Please donate what you can to support this exciting research. I personally guarantee that every single penny goes directly to the Crohn’s MAP Vaccine research. WITHOUT FUNDING THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Thank You and God Bless You