New Podcast! Episode 14 The Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway

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On May 1, 1967 Elvis and Priscilla Presley began their honeymoon in an outstanding mid-century  estate that is now called the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway. Located at 1350 Ladera Cir. in

Palm Springs, CA – it has been called “One of the five best homes to steal your heart:by the Financial Times.

Daily guided tours are conducted  1 PM & 3:30 PM are available to the public. You can book your tour at or call (760) 322-1192.

Today we have the curators for the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway on the line for you, Michael and Laura Ochoa!

Also in this episode we talked with Pastor Kenneth Mills who is hosting a special Elvis Christmas Gospel show with Peter Alden in a tribute to Elvis Presley! Peter Alden is a veteran of Legends In Concert Stage Show. He will amaze you with his beautiful voice and heart. Saturday December 15th 2018 at 6pm Join us at  First Southern Baptist Church of Palm Springs. Located at 1111 East Vista Chino in Palm Springs California. Tickets are $25 each and very limited! Call 760-322-1192 – be prepared to give your email address for receipt, a phone number and the address where the church can mail you your tickets.

Check out our facebook event page for all the latest on this event coming December 2018!

Laura Ochoa (Far Left) Peter Alden, Krista Joy, and Michael Ochoa in 2016

PHOTOS! Krista’s first visit to The Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway in July 2016 

Event Page with video, photos and more from when co-host Peter Alden performed at the home back in December 2016