Great news! We have just been added to thousands of other podcasts on Spotify!! While Spotify doesn’t play ads to Premium subscribers, TCB Radio Network podcasts might have third-party ads within our episodes.

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Since Day ONE – our hope and dream has been to meet YOU – wherever you are – with celebrity interviews and Elvis news you can use! Our goal of “celebrating the life and memory of Elvis Presley with a mission to share his legacy with the world” is so much more than just a catchy thing to say. And NOW….IT JUST GOT EASIER THAN EVER to catch our podcast version of the show. We are very excited to announce the TCB Radio Network Podcast has been picked up by Spotify! This means even if you don’t have an apple device for iTunes – you can still catch the audio version of the show! Click on the link HERE to listen from ANY device or even your personal computer or laptop!

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