👑 Elvis Exponential Expansion Explored ~ By Janet Bostic

The tiny wiggly worm spent his days climbing up and down the stalk of the spicy pepper plant. Forward and back, backwards and forwards, always much the same, day in and day out, rain or shine, relentless. Once the evening dew started to rise from the cool soil carpet, he curled up in a dark green leaf to rest, seeking the newest freshest ones, tasty, crunchy, spicy, green morsels delighting his inexperienced palate at his choosing. Surely there was no place finer or sweeter on this earth.

She was quite typical, an average, adoring mother, catering to her precious children but losing herself in the process. Her life was most common and ordinary and she put on a brave front, almost convincing herself of the worthiness of unconditional service. Surely she had no additional needs outside of her relished role. To admit that would be selfish. The pretense to the outside world of anything less than an optimal inner circle must never be revealed. Such transparency is akin to losing face in other cultures. Her life was certainly fulfilled and her poker face and her expected actions never reveled the identity of the small man behind the curtain of Oz. There was no place finer or more rewarding than her lot in life.

Beginning with his rise to stardom in 1954 and lasting until his death in 1977, American label RCA Elvis provided everything any honest and sincere fan could ever need or want. Elvis was our own native son, as American as apple pie, as true as the day is long. Anything beyond our borders was only an inferior after thought, something to pacify the international masses, those unfortunate non-American souls who truly had no real claim to him. He was ours, and for us to graciously loan him out was quite an honorable task. Because of our generosity, others world wide could enjoy him as we did. Surely we U.S. fans had a superior product and a superior spot. Being an American Elvis fan, living in America, playing American records, ogling simple American album covers certainly placed us in the top number one spot of fandom. Nothing else was comparable.

What do these three scenarios have in common? All are downright lies – lies of omission, lies of convenience, and lies of ignorance. To nap covered with our own distorted blanket of foolishness, never dipping our toes in the proverbial waters of truth beyond ourselves is a falsified sleep, an artificial self imposed unconsciousness that provides no real rest.

This is the truth – the pepper plant is not desirable or even mildly enjoyable. It is bitter and hot, giving off painful and blistering bites leaving a lasting burn. The woman is lost within her self imposed closed society, stifling her own creativity, and caging her own interests, trading life for existence. The King is not just ours. Downplaying and dismissing international loyalty to an entity that we do not in fact own, is short sighted and ignorant.

There is great delight, sweet joy and delicious taste within thousands of other delectable green plants, far more pleasing and edible than the pepper plant. The pepper plant is only a small portion of the garden.

The role of wife and mother are roles, as crucial and authentic as that of any other profession or calling. While important, they are not 100% defining. Expanding beyond these roles is like expanding beyond the shoreline and crossing the ocean. It doesn’t dissipate the land mass but gives a broader picture of the lovely great beyond. There is a sea to be crossed with beauty, not only within the journey but also at the destination. The shoreline is not the end, but rather the beginning. There is a much broader world out there than what is only currently within our viewfinder.

Our man Elvis, the one we love so completely in our American culture, is also completely lovable in other cultures as well. Love is love in any language or land. We do not have a monopoly on admiration nor do we own his talent and charisma. His birth may have been on American soil but his subsequent life crossed numerous oceans and covered all continents, spreading exponentially wherever it went. There has always been more than enough Elvis to share. His sound brought forth adoration in other forms of creativity of additional artwork, trading one type of gift for another, music and art being hand in hand companions. We are plain wrong to dismiss the beauty simply because we did not hold the pen which wrote the story.

Our eyes are meant to be open. Closing them in artificial rest is no rest at all. The bigger picture is not diminished because more eyes view it. The words are not read off the page when a passage is shared. The ink doesn’t diminish and fade with the amount of expanding understanding. The expansion begets the additional understanding and truth. The truth provides openness and growth. There is a wider world than what we think we know. The view of the horizon truly captures our imagination from both sides of the shore.

About the Author: Janet Bostic has been a fan of Elvis since the age of 5 (maybe before that!) and has studied his life as long as she can remember. She saw Elvis four times including once in 1976 when she received a scarf and enjoyed a kiss and some conversation with him. Janet has taken 4 trips to Graceland, with her earliest being in 1976 when Elvis lived there. She is visiting Graceland again in the Spring of 2019. Her favorite Elvis song is “Love Coming Down.” She is the mother of triplets and (just like Elvis) her only daughter’s name…is Lisa.  Elvis has always been a huge part of her life.