Elvis’ Teenage Years in Memphis: Lauderdale Courts, Humes High and Poplar Tunes ~ by Deena Dietrich

For the first time, I visited Lauderdale Courts the public housing project where Elvis lived as a teenager in Memphis from 1949 to 1953. They have since renovated the complex into Uptown Square Apartments, but have left Elvis’ apartment intact. It was amazing to be in the Presley’s apartment, and it was much bigger than I thought. It was surreal to be in Elvis’ bedroom, which was the larger bedroom by the way, imagining him sitting there looking out the window or playing his guitar or just thinking about life. I was on the 10am tour, and again on the tour by myself, which was nice to be in there all alone (with the tour guide). Of course none of the furniture was original, but the windows, walls, hardwood floors and bathroom tile was what was there when Elvis lived there. I drove down the street to Elvis’ high school Humes and Pop Tunes, the record store where Elvis used to hang out. I hadn’t been to either since they had put up the historical markers.

To see all of my photos from Lauderdale Courts, please click here. This was Day 6 of my 10 Day Road Trip through Tennessee (and Mississippi). To read about what else I did on my trip, please click here. I will be back in Memphis for Elvis Week in August attending all the EPE events and staying at the Guest House, so look for my live tweets and posts @DeenasDays on Twitter and Facebook.

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