I’ll Remember You~ Written by Janet Bostic

The memory is is a beautiful tool, a marvel actually. Often times our memories are refreshed by a particular sight, sound, taste or even smell. The visual images or feelings are personal and introspective. I can smell freshly cut grass on a warm summer evening, hearing the dull roar of a lawn mower, children playing in the distance, and I hear my mother calling me in for dinner, country fried steak and gravy, fresh white corn cut off the cob and fried, green beans and new potatoes, steaming cornbread just turned out of the iron skillet. All are nothing special, but it evokes a feeling of home and simplicity and warmth.

I see a very golden haired blond baby boy, big blue eyes, chubby round face, and I think of my son Jared when he was a baby. I see little tiny ballerinas and my daughter Lisa is 4 again, dancing to “a Bushel and a Peck”. Last week while running on the track at the gym, I saw 8, 9, 10 year old Junior Jazz basketball players, strutting their young machismo on the court – I was back in the stands cheering my own boys as they did their thing. Memories are a beautiful and lovely thing.

There are so many Presley tunes that mean the world to me, evoking my own beautiful personal memories. Any song I hear from Girl Happy makes me smile because that was my first Elvis experience. The song Hurt has a special remembrance because of my last concert personal first row experience with the man himself. That in itself is a memory I will always have and cherish as long as I live. It’s mine, all mine, my valuable memory. No one can ever take it from me.

In Roustabout, Elvis sings to Cathy while on the Ferris wheel, “It’s a Wonderful World”. I think of that with any Ferris wheel ride. It’s a beautiful thought. In this song, “I’ll Remember You” there is a double serendipity joy. Our man is singing about ‘remembering” with a sweet serene voice like an angel, and second, it always brings me back to 1973 sitting cross legged in front of my tv watching the Aloha special, mesmerized and taking in every single sound and nuance of my first love. I remember hurrying with my homework to concentrate entirely and totally on Elvis and that tv screen.

A further beautiful detail, we have video. We can watch and hear him sing “I’ll Remember You” as many times as we want, as often as we want, as adoringly as ever. We can stop the tape at point 11 seconds and focus entirely on that beautiful show stopping smile as he launches into the song. At 3:17, the smile returns – as often as we desire to see it. The entire song is so heartfelt and endearing, evoking soft sweet images as we remember him as he remembers ‘you”. Lovely.


I’ll remember you
Long after this endless summer has gone
I’ll be lonely oh so lonely
Living only to remember you
I’ll remember too
Your voice as soft as the warm summer breeze
Your sweet laughter, mornings after
Ever after, I’ll remember you
To your arms someday I’ll return to stay
Till then I will remember too
Every bright start we made wishes upon
Love me always, promise always
Oooh, you’ll remember too
I’ll remember you

About the Author: Janet Bostic has been a fan of Elvis since the age of 5 (maybe before that!) and has studied his life as long as she can remember. She saw Elvis four times including once in 1976 when she received a scarf and enjoyed a kiss and some conversation with him. Janet has taken 4 trips to Graceland, with her earliest being in 1976 when Elvis lived there. She is visiting Graceland again in the Spring of 2019. Her favorite Elvis song is “Love Coming Down.” She is the mother of triplets and (just like Elvis) her only daughter’s name…is Lisa.  Elvis has always been a huge part of her life.