Do you love writing?? Do you have an Elvis blog, facebook group, shop, or other product that you’d like to cross promote? I’m looking for a few volunteers to help on our blogging team! We have wonderful content and ideas waiting for you! Your location does not matter as this is a virtual position. Experience with wordpress is a plus! You won’t get paid with money – just appreciation, exposure and knowing you did your part to help us with our mission to celebrate the life and memory of Elvis. Examples of recent blog posts can be found HERE.  Send Krista an email for more information at

Do you have a passion for Elvis and enjoy sharing your Elvis expertise with others? Do you ever wish you could start your own Elvis blog but you just don’t have the time? Do you already have an Elvis blog of your own and you want to get the word out? The most elite bloggers on the internet have grown their audience with a simple but effective strategy of guest posting, and here is a chance for you to grow yours by doing the same!

TCB Radio Network is now accepting guest authors (just like you!) that would like to share their Elvis love and information with our readers. Single posts and series writers are welcome.

Here are some tips for successful guest posting:

1. Read first and subscribe by email. Do some research to understand the subject and voice of the blog and most importantly – topics that have not been covered yet! You can also use the search bar! You are welcome to contact me for ideas as well.

2. Write the best post you can. Information on Elvis that will never go out of style is encouraged. 2-3 original photos and 500 words or less is preferred – but not mandatory.

3. Keep your post positive and upbeat. Before submitting, you can read more about our mission statement at

4. End your blog post with a question and then be prepared to engage your readers if they comment. We will notify you if this happens.

5. Have FUN! If it is fun for you to write – it will most likely be fun for others to read!


1. Your post for TCB Radio Network must be not be an exact copy of something you wrote some where else.

2. You agree not to publish an exact copy of your TCB Radio Network post anywhere else, including your own blog or web site. You may however post a brief “tease” or summary on your site that links to the post you wrote for us.

3. Your post may include up to 3 bylines. Links to your website, blog, twitter username, or facebook page are welcomed.

Please note! Nobody likes commercials and they won’t read your post if it looks like an advertisement. There are better methods of marketing – and we want to help make your business successful. Please contact us for more information on advertising your business if that is what you’re looking for.

Come join the fun and blog with us!