A rare poster from Elvis Presley’s 1955 NC concert sells for double the expected price in April 2018! Believed to be the only one in existence, the poster fetched A LOT of money at auction!Bidding had opened at $5,000, and the final price far exceeded expectations. Most thought it would only fetch maybe 20 grand. The final bid and selling price was $42,500.
The poster from May 19, 1955, is the only known copy in existence for one of Elvis Presley’s earliest concerts and was for sale through Heritage Auctions’ Entertainment Auction. Elvis performed at the City Auditorium in Raleigh, North Carolina as part of a Grand Ole Opry All Star Jamboree.
“For it to get that high was well beyond everyone’s hopes, including the consigner,” Moon said. “They were surprised as well.”
Unique because Presley was lower on the lineup on this poster …. top billing is given to Hank Snow, Faron Young and other acts. You can find Elvis’s name closer to the bottom!

Poster from May 19, 1955, is the only known copy in existence and fetched $42,500 at auction in April 2018

Both buyer and seller prefer to remain anonymous, but the buyer is from California.
The poster was made by the iconic Nashville-based Hatch Show Print, and captures a key time in Elvis’s career where he was not yet as famous as he would become!
Presley was still playing package shows like the “WSM Grand Ole Opry” tour that spring, which would continue into the fall. But his career exploded in early 1956 when “Heartbreak Hotel” became his first No. 1 hit and he made his television debut.
“This is definitely the most I’ve ever sold an Elvis poster for, and it just backs up his enduring popularity,” said Moon. “From the mid-’50s before he was really discovered, that’s something collectors really go after.” Charlotte Observer is this Article SOURCE