Elvis Week 2017 ~ A Review by Sharon Woodhall

Good Afternoon

I have recently returned from Elvis week 2017. I flew from the UK and have been planning this trip for many years. I have been to Graceland before but not for Elvis Week.

As you can imagine my excitement levels were high and I could not wait to spend a week in what I call an Elvis bubble. To my disappointment however things have completely changed. The whole atmosphere is completely different.  One example is the shops and restaurants are now inside the complex across the street so you have to pay every time you go in there. There is a free shop but it only sells limited items so if you want a collectors item for example you have to pay an entry fee. I had already paid and visited the complex so was not willing to pay again.

Another example of the greed was the charge for the vigil. Many people where queuing without wristbands as they were unaware. Most when told by security went off to purchase the wristband however the thing that stands out in my mind was an elderly couple who had been to Graceland over 70times during Elvis’s life and since his death who were so upset by the obvious greed they got up and vowed never to return.

This place is no longer about Elvis Presley or what he stood for. From what I can see a huge corporation have realised how loyal we are as fans and just how many there are of us. Theyve realised there’s money to be made and turned Elvis into a business. This is not what Elvis was about. He would be horrified if he could see his fans being taken advantage of in this way.

Personally my dream was ruined by the obvious greed and my Elvis bubble no longer exists in Memphis. It’s sadly been replaced by a circus.

I like many will not return. We still love Elvis with all our hearts but I won’t line a greedy corporation or a CEO’s pocket.

Kind Regards

Sharon Woodhall