This year I have had the extreme pleasure of making the acquaintance of Patricia Garber. You’ve heard me talk about her Elvis radio show, Blue Suede Connection (formerly Elvis Now Radio!) Patricia is also an author who has opened up a literary world to me that I was previously unaware of. It’s called Elvis-fiction. Although it’s been around a long time, and she doesn’t claim to have “invented” it – I love the way Patricia explains Elvis-fiction on her site, so I am going to do my best to bring you her take on this fascinating niche, created just for Elvis fans, as I understand it. At the end of the post you’ll find links to stellar examples of Elvis-fiction stories and books, (some at zero cost to you!) and all written by my new Elvis-fiction hero, Patricia Garber.

Patricia Garber: Elvis Fan Fiction Author

Patricia starts by sharing that Elvis-fiction is actually not the preferred reading material for the average Elvis fan. It’s not even a popular genre for most publishers. This might explain how it somehow got by me until now!

Patricia explains that what sells the best in the Elvis literature niche, are stories written by those that knew Elvis Presley. So normally, it’s truth or variations of the truth that sells books. Because of this, Elvis fans are flooded with these type of non-fiction reads. If you judge by sales – it is evident that Elvis fans like the “real” Elvis. Patricia feels that this is because the typical Elvis fan doesn’t want a shadow of Elvis, or a “pretend” Elvis. I think it’s understandable and makes a lot of sense that we want to know what made actual, living breathing MAN….tick. However, Elvis passed away 40 years ago now, which means new facts and non-fiction stories are getting harder to find.

Patricia Garber enjoys a day on the beach! Photo credit

Patricia states, “Biographies have been repeated, rearranged, and or reworded so many times over that one can’t help but feel skeptical when ever a new book hits the shelf. After all, nobody likes to spend $26.00 for a hard back, or more, only to discover they’ve read it all before!”

With this in mind, Patricia set out to write what she craved as a fan, which was a fantasy that felt real to HER. She wrote from her heart, to reflect her relationship with the legacy that is Elvis Presley. Elvis fans all around the world have been drawn to not only the characters, but the struggles in her stories, and they are able to relate to what Patricia writes. Patricia says, “Somehow by bringing my own pain into the light, I drew closer to my audience. We created a bond.”

But I have to tell you, I think explaining it this way, using the word “somehow” shows the humbleness of this amazingly talented woman. Listen, I am not an avid reader by any means. But Patricia has a way of drawing (even me!) in with what she writes, and her writing style. Seeing Elvis in a whole new way, through the eyes of a fellow fan, is remarkable. Even though what I have read so far, is not a book about her or even real life, you really DO feel closer to Patricia (on another level) as you read. I think it’s more of a gift she possesses than just a “somehow.” It is the way she expresses herself and her art.

My first experience with this came in the form of one of her short stories, The Company of a Woman (One Night with Elvis Presley). This is a fan-fiction short story about one woman’s night spent loving and laughing with the man, the myth, the iconic Elvis Presley. Read it for yourself absolutely FREE of charge by clicking HERE. 

While you are at it – do yourself a favor and check out another FREE read from Patricia – in a whole different style. Just Pretend- Scenes and Poetry: Scene’s and poetry written by an Elvis fan for fellow Elvis fans.

Eternal Flame and Dream Angel, novels that you can purchase – have helped raise a good share of funds for many charities that Elvis supported during his life time. So why not invest in several copies for yourself, friends and family? Especially if you enjoy Patricia’s work that she gives away for free – I feel like it’s a wonderful chance to experience more – and at a tremendous value. These books would make great gifts! Keep in mind that it was never about money for Patricia. It’s all about keeping Elvis close. And who doesn’t want to do that???